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I Passed!! March 15, 2012

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As I mentioned before, I failed the 1-hour glucose test by only ONE point! They want your non-fasting glucose to be below 140 after drinking that sugary cocktail that tastes like soda. And my results came back at 141! But protocol is protocol and they made me schedule the 3-hour test just in case. I was REALLY not looking forward to it. You can’t eat 12 hours before the test… and then the test itself is around 4 hours long, so I went 16 hours without eating! This did not make my pregnant self happy.

After not eating since 7p the night before….

  • 7:30a – Arrive at Hospital and do paperwork
  • 8:30a – Arrive at lab and wait to have baseline blood draw
  • 9a – First vile taken
  • 9:30a – Baseline results are in…. drink sugary drink
  • 10:30a – Second vile taken
  • 11:30a – Third vile taken
  • 12:30p – Forth (and final!) vile taken
  • 12:45p – Inhale burger and sweet potato fries (!!)

Surprisingly, the time went by really fast, but the anxiety of knowing you had to give blood four times in four hours was not fun. My whole morning was spent reading magazines, checking email and taking pictures of my sorry self in the big mirror across from me (what? It was boring!)

But all in all, it wasn’t that bad and I know it was all for a good reason. If the results had come back unfavorably, I would have taken whatever steps necessary to keep myself and the baby healthy. But thankfully I passed.

I’m still taking my health seriously though. I’ve gone on a lot of walks this week and got a lot of veggies and fruit into my diet. I ate a whole bag of spinach myself throughout various meals over the past few days. Including this spinach and apple pizza I made with a Boboli crust last night!

And tonight, I had a spinach/strawberry salad…. and a whole head of roasted broccoli. Baby loves veggies!

I had a wonderful OB appointment this morning as well, but I’ll share those details with you in my weekly update post. Some of it was exciting stuff!!! Third Trimester, here we gooooo!!


6 Responses to “I Passed!!”

  1. Awesome news!!!! If only I could send a Friendly’s sundae via the mail for you without melt. 🙂

  2. nobel4lit Says:

    Yay for surviving the four blood draws… now time to kick back for a while. =)

  3. Liz Rust Says:

    YAY! Nice to know you have the freedom for sweets. 🙂

  4. Anne Peterson Says:

    Congratulations Kelley!

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