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An Evening in Downtown LA April 5, 2012

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Last weekend, Irving and I joined our friend Erica for a night on the town. We parked the car and spent an hour or so taking pictures at the Disney Concert Hall, then saw Green Day’s American Idiot, and later had dinner at one of downtown’s hotspots. It was awesome! We don’t spend nearly enough time exploring that area of LA and it was so fun to take it in as a tourist.
erica (1)

The concert hall has so many great shapes and hidden corners, it photographs so well!

IMG_1984 IMG_1990



erica (3)

IMG_1999 erica (2)

Some of these pictures were taken by Erica, she’s got a great eye! Thanks Erica!
erica (4)

erica (8)

erica (7)

Everyone needs a friend like this girl, she’s always game for anything. =)
erica (6)

Soon-to-be Family of Three!
erica (5)





When “Operation Photoshoot” commenced, we headed over to see the show! I am a huge Green Day fan so I was VERY excited to see the musical.
erica (9)

Though it wasn’t quite what I expected (I was hoping for a little more of a plot), I still loved the music, the set and the performances. Baby was dancing inside there too!

Finally, we headed over to Bottega Louie for dinner and ‘drinks’. I started with the Green Tea Mojito (virgin, of course) and it was AMAZING! It tasted alcoholic and warranted small sips. It even had the authentic muddled mint at the bottom. So good! While we waited for a table, we drooled over the amazing bakery items. All of them looked straight out of a fairy tale.
American Idiot

I ordered a simple pasta dish that honestly tasted like something I’d be served in Europe. It was PERFECT. The right amount of sweet with a little bit of salt. Totally fresh and cooked to perfection. Loved this!

Irving got the Kobe Burger that also looked fantastic.

I’ll be back there again soon! Especially for that mojito (and a macaroon!).
erica (10)

What a night!


4 Responses to “An Evening in Downtown LA”

  1. Angie Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now but I’ve neer posted. We recently went to Bottega Louis and it was so good. Reminds me of a restaurant in New York!

  2. So fun! I love the picture of you and the bump at the concert hall. You should use that for your weekly updates, it’s so cute :). Yum on the pasta and macaroons.

  3. Mama Gaga Says:

    LOVE IT! Looks like such a fun time. I’ve heard amazing things about Bottega Louie. I’m so excited you got to eat there! Did you really manage to go in and out of there without eating a macaron (or two or three?!). And Kel… YOU are that friend of mine who is always game for anything! 😉

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