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An Evening in Downtown LA April 5, 2012

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Last weekend, Irving and I joined our friend Erica for a night on the town. We parked the car and spent an hour or so taking pictures at the Disney Concert Hall, then saw Green Day’s American Idiot, and later had dinner at one of downtown’s hotspots. It was awesome! We don’t spend nearly enough time exploring that area of LA and it was so fun to take it in as a tourist.
erica (1)

The concert hall has so many great shapes and hidden corners, it photographs so well!

IMG_1984 IMG_1990



erica (3)

IMG_1999 erica (2)

Some of these pictures were taken by Erica, she’s got a great eye! Thanks Erica!
erica (4)

erica (8)

erica (7)

Everyone needs a friend like this girl, she’s always game for anything. =)
erica (6)

Soon-to-be Family of Three!
erica (5)





When “Operation Photoshoot” commenced, we headed over to see the show! I am a huge Green Day fan so I was VERY excited to see the musical.
erica (9)

Though it wasn’t quite what I expected (I was hoping for a little more of a plot), I still loved the music, the set and the performances. Baby was dancing inside there too!

Finally, we headed over to Bottega Louie for dinner and ‘drinks’. I started with the Green Tea Mojito (virgin, of course) and it was AMAZING! It tasted alcoholic and warranted small sips. It even had the authentic muddled mint at the bottom. So good! While we waited for a table, we drooled over the amazing bakery items. All of them looked straight out of a fairy tale.
American Idiot

I ordered a simple pasta dish that honestly tasted like something I’d be served in Europe. It was PERFECT. The right amount of sweet with a little bit of salt. Totally fresh and cooked to perfection. Loved this!

Irving got the Kobe Burger that also looked fantastic.

I’ll be back there again soon! Especially for that mojito (and a macaroon!).
erica (10)

What a night!


Holy Weekend, Batman! November 23, 2011

Hello world! What a crazy week so far! We’ve been going non-stop. Friday we went to Burbank’s Holiday Open House where stores and restaurants open their doors and offer free drinks, snacks and goodies. We met up with Erika and Timmy and explored some stores we hadn’t heard of before. Such a fun way to kick off the weekend.

Saturday morning, we met up with Erica for breakfast and a walk. Here’s a preview of the Banana Peanut Butter Crunch pancakes we all split for “dessert”. (Yep, those are Oreos on there).

After a walk around a new neighborhood, we cleaned up and headed an hour north to a beautiful wedding in Camarillo.

The setting was just gorgeous, it was at an old farmhouse. We had a blast and enjoyed the evening chatting with friends.

But the cake! Oh, the cake! Each table had its own cake and it was love at first sight. It was everything you could want in a wedding cake. Rich, sugary buttercream frosting, chocolate cake, strawberries inside. All wrapped in a shell of white chocolate. I went back for an extra smear of frosting.

On our way home, the 101 freeway got completely shut down just a few cars in front of us. We turned the car off and it took almost an hour for them to open up one lane again. Ridiculous.

Sunday morning, we got up and headed to the LA Auto Show downtown. We are thinking of replacing one or both of our cars in the next year or so it was a great opportunity to scope out some contenders. We were actually impressed by what we found. We have lots of research to do now.

Sunday was POURING in LA. The rain came down in thick wet sheets. The kind of rain that has big droplets that soak you to the bone. On the way back to our car, we both stepped in a huge puddle and our socks and shoes were soaked. But we had to keep truckin’ because next up was the Major League Soccer Championship game! We got tickets months ago before we even knew which teams would be playing. Luckily our LA Galaxy made it in and we were excited to be in the stadium.  Our seats were not covered and we spent four hours outside looking like this:

We made the best of it though and enjoyed the game. We were in the third row in the corner and had great views of Donovan stretching before the game.

And then the game began! LA vs. Houston.

Oh hey, David! Bend it like Beckham!


In the end, we won 1-0 and the field erupted in celebration.

And remember that trophy that we saw last weekend in the mall?

There it is! Now officially in the hands of the LA Galaxy.

Did you watch the game on ESPN? This game was like the superbowl of soccer. So cool to be able to see it in person.

After, we did what any normal person would do after sitting in the rain for four hours…. we went to Chili’s for dinner. haha

I’m exhausted after typing all that. Looking forward to Thanksgiving! Safe travels during the holiday, everyone!


She Runs LA: A Blogger’s Night Out April 29, 2011

Last night, hoards of girls headed down to the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles to for a Girl’s Night Out hosted by Nike+! Everyone had to run a 10k race on their own, and then join Nike for the post-race celebration.

My friend, Tessa, and I took the metro downtown (Hooray for being Green! — and too cheap to pay for parking down there!) I love the whole LA Live center downtown. They did an amazing job with it. It’s so pretty and fun.

My tank got mailed to me, but we waited for Tessa to grab hers. They are adorable. One of the best race shirts I’ve ever got.

This event was exciting for me, because I attended as ‘Press’! We even got credentials! This is very exciting in the blogging world (at least for a newbie like me!)


VIPs right here!


We rocked the pink carpet!
Tessa, me, Sarah (Two Boo‘s sister!), Katherine, Amanda and Kaitlin!

Inside was all lit up pink too! It screamed ‘Girl Power’!

The pre-concert party was three floors of massages, hair styling, dance music and Nike Demos. The lines for the massages were way too long and crowded, but I did score some Body Butter from Bliss Spa. I ❤ Bliss!



I had full intentions to change into my black heels for the event…. but my sketchers were just so comfy, I kept them on all night. No Regrets.

Nike had some of their new products out to see.

The highlight for me was seeing their new GPS watch for runners. I bought a garmin GPS watch back in 2005 and I love it. It tells me the exact route I ran, the elevation and a bunch of other great stats that the Nike+ couldn’t provide. But now they have this GPS one and it looks pretty awesome. I haven’t looked into all the features it has, but I’d definitely be interested in trying it out.


It was pretty crowded inside, I really wish they had some snacks to munch on since everyone came straight from work. They did have some drinks, but ran out before I got the chance to snag one.

We had fun chatting, people watching and showing off our media badges.

The lovely Kaitlin and Katherine!

Look who else we ran into! Healthy Coconut!  || And Tessa took advantage of the Paul Mitchell hair styling. Pretty curls!

It’s always a fun time with these ladies. Such a great group!

Then we headed into the Nokia Theater for the main event. It was supposed to be the Winner’s of America’s Best Dance Crew and then a concert by Mike Posner. The stage did look really great.



But we didn’t stay for the show. We were starving!!

And the yard house is known for BEER! Check out all the kegs!

I asked for the lightest thing they had on tap…. which was the Wyder’s Pear Cider. It was so clear it almost looked like water. It was sweet, crisp and delicious! It actually tasted like a Chardonnay.

I ordered the Grilled Cheese with Tomato Bisque. Oh. My. Gosh. I have to say this was probably the best grilled cheese I’ve EVER had. And I eat a lot of grilled cheese. Ohhh, the tomatoes! The cheese oozing out… I’m already craving another one! ((I will post the picture when I get home, promise!))

Such a fun night out with a great group of girls (And some other bloggers too, not pictured!)

When we left the event, we all got goodie bags too! It came in an awesome reusable tote and included lip balm, a Luna bar, Pop Chips and some Paul Mitchell samples.

Thanks Nike, for inviting me (and my readers). I hope in future years they can better manage the crowds and provide some snacks. Although I didn’t pay to enter the virtual race or attend the party, most people paid $40 to get in. I’d probably attend again though, just plan my night a little better. I love that they are celebrating women runners. It was a great evening downtown with some awesome girls.


Downtown Hollywood Event February 3, 2011

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Tonight, Irving and I ventured to LA Live downtown for a fun Hollywood event. We took the subway (yes, LA has a subway!)


Before the event, we walked around a little bit. Los Angeles is currently trying to get the NFL to bring a football team back to the city. They have a location and an advertising sponsor, but no team yet. But they’re not deterred, they are pushing for ‘Farmers Field’ to host some football games soon!

Work it, Girl! Check out that relfective action going on there!

IMG_3363 IMG_3362

So what was this ‘Hollywood Event’? You’ll just have to come back tomorrow and see!! Here’s a sneak peak!



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