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Tiny Traveler Baby Shower April 19, 2012

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This past weekend, my mom flew in on Saturday night. We had a great time catching up, showing her the baby’s room and feeling for baby kicks. Sunday, we didn’t really have plans so we went for a 4 mile walk with my awesome running group. I think my mom was inspired because she ran a little bit too! I ran for about 5 minutes and then was too out of breath to go any further (ha!) Then we sipped tea on our rooftop patio and chatted about babies, parenting and all that comes with it. When lunch time rolled around, Irving suggested we go out. I was unsure of our destination, but we ended up at my friend Janet’s house.
Last Baby Shower (15)

When I was walking up, I knew something was going on, but I was not prepared to see so many of my friends and family waiting to surprise me.
Last Baby Shower (16)

I had to take a minute to take it all in, it was a little emotional seeing everyone! Especially when I realized Irving’s mom had flown down to attend. And his Sister and wife (who I thought had already flown back to Indianapolis!) were there too!!
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Everything, everything, everything was amazing. The theme was ‘Tiny Traveler’ and all of the details were just SO adorable! The invitations were tiny suitcases!
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How perfect is this!
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The cake was a replica of the invitation. A suitcase! (and it tasted heavenly!)
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Last Baby Shower (11) Last Baby Shower (5)

I LOVED the travel theme!!! How perfect!!! I hope to frame those posters because they were just so cool! (All places we’ve been, too!)
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Even the table cloth was travel themed!!!
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It was so great that both my mom and Irving’s mom could be there. A very special treat indeed.
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Last Baby Shower (193)

Family Picture!
Last Baby Shower (42)

We played a couple of fun games (including one that involved an embarrassing baby bottle contest) and enjoyed the gorgeous day.
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And then came inside for cake and presents. I didn’t want to cut the cake because it was so cute!
(But I got over that real quick when I realized I could eat it after it was cut. Mmmm!)
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And then it was time to attack this mountain!
Last Baby Shower (4)

Last Baby Shower (55)

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Last Baby Shower (62)

Last Baby Shower (72)
Handmade Burp Cloths from my friend Caitlin! She’s opening an Etsy store soon and I’ll share the details! They were so cool!

We got our mattress and crib set! So exciting!
Last Baby Shower (124)

(Our theme is ‘Willow’ by Kidsline).

My Friend Jenn made this felt wall art to match the theme!!! How amazing is this! So creative!
Check out her website for more of her work!
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Click to enlarge.
2012-04-15 Last Baby Shower

There’s Janet behind me! Hi Janet! Thank you so much! And Hi Chely!
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Last Baby Shower (163)

Last Baby Shower (196)

Thank you SO much to this very special group of girls. They are the best you could ask for and I’m SO SO thankful to have them as friends.
Last Baby Shower (37)

Everyone left with a tiny suitcase filled with custom M&Ms with our names on them!! LOVE them!
Last Baby Shower (1)

Thank you SO much to Erika and Janet for putting together such an amazing, special day for us. It was incredible and I feel so lucky. Thank you! And thank you to Erica for taking some of these amazing pictures. =)

Nursery pictures coming soon!!


7 Responses to “Tiny Traveler Baby Shower”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Wow, such a nice surprise!

  2. Kelocity Says:

    Thank you so much everyone!

  3. merrilyyours Says:

    Kelley it was so good to see you again and especially to be apart of this special surprise!! You have some of the sweetest friends and that’s because you are the sweetest!! Just so you know gives you access to my Etsy shop which is currently being updated. Hope to see you again very soon!

  4. Adorable theme that fits you two (three!) perfectly! What a sweet surprise!

  5. Mama Gaga Says:

    That look of surprise on your face is totally priceless! And could that theme and those decorations be any more perfect for you and your hubby?! So cute!!! I love all the detail that was put into personalizing your shower! Looks like it was a great day of family, friends, celebrating and pre-baby excitement. 🙂 Great work Erika and Janet!

  6. Mars Says:

    What a sweet post! How beautiful it is to be surrounded by great people. And the surprised look on your face on that photo, it’s priceless–I bet it brought them joy and satisfaction that you were happy. Keep safe dear! And here’s to hoping you have a happy and healthy baby

  7. nenskei Says:

    WOW !!! So cute all of you ^^ Excited to see your baby 🙂

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