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Spontaneous Trip to the Beach May 7, 2012

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This weekend, we bought a new family-friendly car and traded in Irving’s Jeep. But before we got rid of the Jeep for good, I convinced Irving to take the top off and cruise down to the beach for one last joyride in it together.

With the wind in our hair and the music turned up high, we cruised over the mountains for an evening at the ocean. It might be one of the last nights like this where we can jump in the car and head out on a spontaneous trip just the two of us.

You already had a sneak peak at some of our photos from the beach in my weekly update, but I wanted to share a couple more because I just couldn’t choose! We picked up sandwiches along the way and spread out a blanket and watched the waves crash over the breakwater.

Then we set up a tripod and let the camera snap away to capture some of my favorite photos yet!


The sun was setting and the light was perfect!


We truly just enjoyed each other’s company and had so much fun playing around.

IMG_2891 IMG_2894

And when the sun was at the perfect place in the sky, I got giddy because I’ve been waiting 9 months to take pictures like these!



You really have no idea how big your bump is until you see it in silhouette. HAHA

Beach Post


We kept saying how lucky we feel to be so close to this beautiful ocean and we can’t wait to spend time with the baby here as well. I personally can not wait to dip those little piggies into the water and watch him/her play in the sand.


So thankful I am to have this guy in my life.


Shortly after this, Irving said it would look cool if I walked along the beach and he got a picture of the footprints in the sand. Sounded like a great idea so I took off into the sunset…

..and out of NOWHERE, a HUGE wave came and completely soaked me from the hips down. Definitely not intended, but it was pretty funny.

And for your viewing pleasure… it was captured on camera!

Regardless, it was a gorgeous night and so fun to just hang out and enjoy the time together.


14 Responses to “Spontaneous Trip to the Beach”

  1. vivilinh Says:

    I love these!!

  2. Beautiful photos 🙂 That bump is going to get even bigger this month..hahaha. I couldn’t believe how much bigger mine got in the ninth month.

  3. NINA Says:


  4. Papa Says:

    Dear Kelly & Irving, I have been watching with great excitement the roads you have traveled and the joys you have both experienced in your lives. I am so happy for you. The sunsets, the beautiful ocean waves you have experienced-all a part of God’s creation- and soon a newborn. For all of these, we give Thanks! Finally, with great anticipation, my thoughts turn to the requirements and feelings of “Becoming a Great Grandfather”. I will share that with you later. As we did many years ago, you are in our prayers. My guardian angel tells me it is a Boy! Love, Papa.

  5. mikaela Says:

    hahahahaa i must have watched that video of the “beachwaves” like 5 times…and laughed everytime HAHAHAHA so funny!!!

  6. Mama Gaga Says:

    These pictures are GORGEOUS! You look so amazing in all of them, especially the silhouettes! Who needs a pro when you have a Rebel, a husband with a great eye, and a tripod?! I especially love the video. Heh heh. You’re so funny. Yay for impromptu dates and goodbye joyrides in the Jeep! As much as I *loved* mine, I didn’t miss it one bit after I traded it in (several years before Baby Gaga, actually) for a more family-friendly car. Can’t wait to hear all about the new wheels!

    • Kelocity Says:

      Thank you! I love date nights. I bet they will be even more fun as a family though. Looking forward to that so much!

  7. booradlee Says:

    you are so beautiful in these pictures! I love them 🙂

  8. Meghan Says:

    LOVE your sunset photos. Those are beautiful! What a great idea to setup a tripod. We never take pictures of us together because one of us is always behind the lens…

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