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Hanging in There! May 30, 2012

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Still here… still pregnant. I’m just shy of 39 weeks, so it’s not too surprising. But ever since my doctor told us it could be any day now (last week I was 1cm and 80% effaced), this waiting game seems like an eternity. On the one hand, I’m glad she told us that because it forced us to really make sure everything was ready…. but on the other hand, ever since, I’ve been desperately looking for any signs of labor and I just want it to happen now! Once those thoughts get into your head, they are hard to shake!

Part of me knows that I’ll miss being pregnant and feeling those beautiful baby kicks. But the other part of me is just so excited to meet the baby I want it to hurry up. I’m trying to remind myself to slow down and enjoy it (which I am), but we’re so close, it’s hard to do!

I’ve also had a really tough time sleeping these past couple of nights. I’m completely exhausted (which makes me nervous that I might not ever be able to catch up once the baby is here!) My sciatica is bothering me and I just can’t get comfortable (and when I do, it’s time to use the bathroom again!) I actually broke down last night for the first time in a while. I was just so tired and frustrated and it just felt so good to let it out. haha Poor Irving. He rubbed my back and told me he couldn’t wait to have his wife back. (What, you don’t like cranky, hormonal pregnant ladies crying on your shoulder? lol)

I’ve been drinking Raspberry Tea and going on walks. Maybe that will help? I also had lunch at Caioti Pizza in Los Angeles yesterday. Supposedly, there is something in the dressing that induces labor!

All the pregnant ladies who order it sign a guestbook too. There were two other pregnant women in the restaurant at the same time. All of us hoping that the magic will work!

Can’t say that it worked for me, but it was another thing checked off my pregnancy bucket list. =)


For now, I’m trying to relax and enjoy these last moments with the baby inside. I’m savoring each little wiggle knowing it will be coming to an end soon. Baby is the one calling the shots, it’s a great lesson in patience. Stay in there as long as you want, baby. Everyone tells me you will grow up so fast, so I’m happy you are comfortable and taking your time. I love you!


14 Responses to “Hanging in There!”

  1. diana Says:

    no posts in 2 days….BABYYY????

  2. jenangel77 Says:

    Kelley…thinking of you and wishing you a speedy delivery! I’ve been enjoying all your posts and can’t wait to see pictures of the little one!

  3. booradlee Says:

    Thinking about you guys! Whenever I get pregnant, I am making a pregnancy bucket list, cute idea!

    • Kelocity Says:

      Yes! I should have written all of mine down as I went, but I had a few on there. (silhouettes on the beach was one of them! –Check!)

  4. Janie Says:

    Irving is gold…. and you are amazing too! Not much longer, I’m sure! Do you go to the doctor this week?

  5. E.J. Says:

    I’ve been hoping for a May birthday so we can spread out the family birthdays a little more. I figure, it’s my mom in February, Jake and Janie in March, me in April, Irving and Nini in June, you in August, Sarah in September…we need a May birthday!

  6. Enjoy the time and you won’t catch up on sleep once the baby comes. But, you won’t be shocked by the lack of sleep either because you are used to it! I think June 2nd is a good day 🙂 It’s my sister’s birthday! I might or might not be stalking you on twitter waiting for a labor announcement 🙂

    • Kelocity Says:

      YAY! There are so many birthdays in June, we’re bound to hit one of them! I like June 2nd though. That would be nice! Just a few days away!

      I know I won’t exactly be able to catch up on sleep… but I am SO looking forward to sleeping on my stomache again. I sleep much better that way, and the quality will be better for sure! They need to invent a snoogle-like pillow with a hole cut out so you can sleep on your belly. I’d make millions. =)

    • I was back to my normal sleeping ways the night L was born. It was awesome and had no pain during my sleep. Ahhh bliss 🙂

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