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Baby’s First Bath June 19, 2012

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We’ve been wiping Adele down with just a facecloth and water for the first week or so. You can’t get the umbilical cord wet until it falls off, so there really wasn’t much else we could do. Last week, we did a fancier sponge bath that included a soft cuddly duck towel swaddle after. I think she liked it.
day 8 blog (22)

Grandma helped too!
day 8 blog (18)

She promptly passed out. I wish they made these towels for adults. They are super soft!
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Today, we did a real bath for the first time! Her cord fell off a couple of days ago, so it was time for the real spa experience. I fed her first and got her in a nice subdued mood. I was prepared for her to wail, but she LOVED it. She was cooing and dozing off.

Bath time was an official success! She actually cried when we took her out! There is nothing like that clean baby smell. Delicious. Now she’s happily napping in her crib. She’s so awesome. I love her so much!


2 Responses to “Baby’s First Bath”

  1. Janie Says:

    I’m amazed that she is so tiny in that didn’t-seem-so-big-when-we-put-it-in-your-car tub! Lots of fun baths in her future!

  2. merrilyyours Says:

    Aw Kelley, she is too sweet! Your blog is so loving and inspiring, motherhood suits you so well!

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