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Sleep Schedules July 14, 2012

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Even though Adele is only five weeks old, I’m trying to learn about her sleep patterns so that I can create some kind of schedule for her. I know newborns just sleep when they’re tired and eat when they’re hungry, but now that she is over a month old, I want to start a routine.

Last week, I started marking down her sleep, awake time and feedings.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I LOOOOVE colored pens!

Even though each day was different, I’m noticing a few patterns:

-Her longest stretch of sleep is overnight (anywhere from 4.5-7 hours!)
-She naps best in the morning. Afternoon naps are usually much shorter
-Her fussy time is from 8-11p (eat, sleep, cry, repeat!)
-She eats every three hours during the day

I really can’t complain since she is sleeping through the night, but I am having a hard time getting her to fall asleep. For every single nap or at bedtime, we have to swaddle her up tight, put on the white noise, sing to her, and carry her around our house as we bounce and rock her to sleep. At first it wasn’t so bad because it made us feel good that we were able to lull her to sleep with minimal crying… but now it’s gotten to the point where she can’t sleep unless we hold her! I’ve created a monster!

Holding her for hours and hours each day like this is killing my arms and back! She’s over 9 pounds now!

When we put her down, she screams! Even if she appears to be fast asleep! It’s a vicious cycle that I am desperate to break! So starting today, we’re all putting on our big-girl pants and nixing this bad habit! Today, for both of Adele’s naps, we held her for only a few seconds, kissed her cheeks, put on the white noise, stuck the pacifier in her mouth, and quietly left the room…. and SHE DID IT! She fell asleep on her own! Hallelujah!

I’m hoping things go equally as well at nighttime too. Cross your fingers!

As much as I love cradling the baby burrito and looking into those beautiful eyes as she drifts off into La La Land… I will be thankful to have my arms back! #NewMomLessons

Any other tips for breaking the ‘rocking to sleep’ routine?


10 Responses to “Sleep Schedules”

  1. biz319 Says:

    My daughter slept all the time – in fact when she was about six weeks old, she woke up at about 6 a.m., I fed her, she fell asleep at 6:30 a.m. and by 6:30 p.m. she was still sleeping! I kept checking on her to make sure she was breathing. I finally called my Mom and said “Hannah is still sleeping – its been 12 hours!” and my Mom said – “just wake her up.” I hadn’t thought of that! 😀

  2. Laurie Says:

    …by the way, cute top. You look great! Oh, and to state the obvious, Adele is the cutest baby ever.

  3. Anne Peterson Says:

    Awe Kelley she is adorable. Babies are meant to be rocked and cuddled that’s what they need.
    She maybe too young yet to give up the rocking. She must love to be swaddled and rocked.

  4. Mama Gaga Says:

    LOVE that first picture so much. What a beautiful baby girl you’ve got there!! Don’t worry too much about creating a nap monster. I remember hearing from many class instructors “you can’t spoil a newborn.” They need all love and cuddles they can get (and it helps create great security for later) after the trauma of leaving the cozy womb they were in for nearly 10 months. As they get a bit older they will adjust naturally on their own. Baby Gaga was the same way — needed to be held of bounced to sleep for the first 2-3 months. It doesn’t last forever and you kind of miss it when it’s gone. 🙂 I got relief for my arms from carriers like the mei tai or moby.

    • Kelocity Says:

      I think I need to try the Moby soon. She’s been better though. I figured out that i have to really tucker her out and make sure she’s really tired and ready to sleep and she’ll go down by herself. Either that, or she’s just growing up and learning to self soothe now.

      How are you feeling?!

  5. vivilinh Says:

    oh my goodness! adele is such a cutie!!!!!

  6. Good for you for getting your arms back!!! I don’t have a nap monster (thank goodness), he naps wherever…crib, swing, arms, floor. I had him in the crib since he was born so he is always comfortable there. Your little one really loves the swaddle 🙂 Baby burritos are sooo cute.

  7. olsontwins Says:

    Ugh I created a nap monster. I let Beckett nap on the living room floor instead of his crib for too long and now he screams in the crib every time!!! I think it just takes time and persistence to break the bad habits.

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