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Day in the Life of a 6-Week Old Baby July 22, 2012

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I love when people do ‘Day in the Life’ posts, so I decided to do one too! Let me take you (hour by hour) into my world for a day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

6a – After sleeping for NINE hours, I hear little baby squeaks coming through the monitor. When enter Adele’s room, she is awake and waiting for me!

I unswaddle the sleeping beauty and get excited to see the “Great Morning Stretch” (my favorite!)
Hands up!

Accompanied by a giant smile! I don’t mind getting up at 6am when I get greeted with this! So cute!

After giving her lots of kisses, it’s time to eat! After that, she’s perfectly full and content.

She gives me lots of coos to tell me how happy she is.

Then it’s time for a diaper and outfit change!



And we sing The Wheels on the Bus and laugh at each other for a few minutes.

6:30a –Adele plays on the playmat and I sit next to her and pump (I’m trying to build my supply!)


7a – She continues to play and giggle while I eat a Cinnamon Roll next to her.

When she gets bored with the mat, it’s TUMMY TIME!

Is there anything in the world cuter than little baby bums?

7:30a – I hold Adele for a little while until her eyelids begin to droop. Perfect time to strap her in the carseat and take off on a run!

Today marks my return back to running! I did day 1 of the ‘Couch to 5K’ program. It included 1-minute running and then 90 seconds of walking. We did that together for a half-hour before it started to get hot out. Adele slept the whole way! Apparently she likes when mama runs! Whoo hooo!

8a – When we get back home, Adele is still sleeping in the stroller so I do the dishes and clean up the kitchen from the night before.

8:30a – I take her 6-week photos and play with her on the rug for a bit. She loves her lamby!

Hi mom!


Mom doesn’t stop snapping photos until she sees a smile. Adele is catching on. =)

9a – Time to eat again! This time with a pumped bottle!

I switched from the Calma nipples to a regular nipple for this feeding and she did SO much better than before. I think we figured it out! Good job, baby girl! She downed 5 ounces in like 8 minutes!

Dad wakes up and gets some cuddle time with her. Awee! She loves her daddy!


9:30a – Pump again while baby sleeps in the Mamaroo.

10a – I jump in the shower while Irving is on duty. Then we continue to clean up the house together. (I feel like that’s all we do! There’s always something to put away!) Adele is still sleeping. I make a smoothie for Breakfast #2.

11a – I pump again!  (every two hours!)

11:30a – Irving feeds Adele with a bottle, she does great!


I run to CVS to fight with the Pharmacist for the THIRD TIME this week. (Bottom line: My insurance company paid $43,000 for me to have a baby… and is DENYING my $20 birth control pills… SERIOUSLY?! Don’t even get me started!)

12p – Irving and I have leftover Chili for lunch (courtesy of our friend, Erin! Thank you!)

1p – We load up the car with all the errands we have to run this week!

Actually, Irving loads up the car… me and Adele read a book together in the meantime.

2p – I nurse Adele and head out to run some errands. First stop: The Library! I think the sole reason I wanted to have kids was to bring them to the library. I am SO excited for her to someday pick out her own books to read each week! But this time, she just slept. haha

We also ran to do the Recylcing and pick up a few things at Babies R’ Us. (Diaper Genie Refills are on sale this week, people! Exciting stuff!)

4:30p – Return home, nurse the baby. Walk around singing songs to her. She LOVES it, obviously.


5p – Pump while Adele cries on the playmat. It’s only 10 minutes, patience, my love! After that, I hold her while I eat some pizza.

5:30p – Adele goes down for a nap….

6p – Just kidding, she just wants to be held apparently. I put her in the Moby so I can get some things done.

7p – She is hungry again. Time to Eat!
Feed me mom!

8p – I tried to entertain her, but all she wants to do is eat again! After this, she can’t keep her eyes open. Despite trying to keep her awake, it’s time for bed for the night.

She slept from 8p-4a (Eight Hours!) At 4am, I fed her again and she went back to sleep til 7:30a! And now the cycle starts all over again!


4 Responses to “Day in the Life of a 6-Week Old Baby”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Love your Day in the Life post. I hope I’m as fortunate as you are and have a baby that will sleep thru the night. You look so happy and motherhood suits you perfectly.

  2. Sounds like a great routine! Sorry about the pharm issues… that stuff is sooo annoying to deal with!! It’s like… throw us a bone, already!

  3. booradlee Says:

    She is so adorable!

    Stupid health insurance and the birth control! Our insurance makes me mail-order it. Such a pain in the neck, sorry you have to go through that.

    I am so impressed with how you guys are doing! Seems like Adele is doing great.

  4. Where do I even begin?!?!? She is so gorgeous and you guys are doing amazing!!!!

    8 hours? 8 hours? Can you please have her call Wrigley to teach him her ways?

    And so proud of you for not giving up on breast feeding! It is hard work to pump, but you are doing fantastic! Your body will catch on. Iron and hydration were key for me. There is this tea called Mother’s Milk that I drink iced all the time. I don’t believe it has any secret powers other than the fact that it reminds me to keep drinking.

    Keep up the great work mama!

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