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National Pride is hereditary! August 10, 2012

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Found this picture of Irving when he was little! Pretty appropriate for this year’s Olympic games!
Looks like National Pride runs in our family!
olypmics img_4538


And because I’m a sucker for comparison photos… it also appears that Adele has inherited Irving’s dimples too!
olypmics IMG_4467


4 Responses to “National Pride is hereditary!”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Thats my girl! Maybe if your lucky she will also rock a nice afro, and have my great personality. baha. Watch out for when she turns 18..

  2. ashley Says:

    i still think irving looks like a baby laurie! do you see it?!

  3. booradlee Says:

    Aw! Love the dimples!

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