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Life’s Little Pleasures August 15, 2012

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There is nothing like burying your toes into the lushest, thickest, softest grass you’ve ever seen. It really is the littlest things in life that make me smile. I took a moment then to appreciate all the beautiful things in my life at the moment.

Exhibit A: Baby sleeping under the shade of a tree. Perfection.

And next to said sleeping baby… a doting great-grandmother gazing lovingly on.

And as if that isn’t enough…. How  about adding in the world’s cutest bonnet? (YAY! She likes it!)

Yes, it is the littlest things that make me smile nowadays. I just feel SO lucky!


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  1. OMG!!! love the bonnet!! it’s Owls!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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