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Baby’s Got Wings August 28, 2012

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Adele made her first flight this past weekend. One hour up to San Francisco and then a 6-hour flight to Boston. She did awesome!

We flew Virgin and I think she liked the bright lights and tv screens. She didn’t make a peep on either flight. She ate, she smiled and she charmed the other passengers. I was prepared for the worst and I was so scared the people on the plane would hate us, but she didn’t cry once!

My tips:
-Bring a nursing pillow. She ate, slept and played on it. It was big and kept poking into the aisle, but it was a lifesaver.
-Feed the baby during landing and takeoff so her ears pop.
-Check the stroller and carseat at the counter. We considered gate checking them, but it was nice not to have to bring them through security.
-Ask the flight attendant for ‘Wings’. We got some from the captain to remember her first flight by.
-Book an aisle and a window seat. Sometimes you get lucky and no one books the middle seat. We scored a whole row to ourselves on the LAX to SF leg!
-Sit close to the back of the plane so you can access the bathrooms quick for changing the bathroom. Bonus: You can stand in the galley and rock the baby if you need to.



We decided to extend our SF layover to four hours so we could meet up with Irving’s mom and grandmother for lunch. It definitely made our day longer, but it was fun to see family in the middle of our journey. We found some chairs outside of security that made for the perfect lunch spot.


We all had sandwiches, but Adele enjoyed some milk. =)


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  1. Have a wonderful East Coast trip! I love the idea of booking the aisle and window seat. We are taking L down to Florida in January and haven’t booked the tickets yet..going to use your trick.

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