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Adele, Meet Hadley September 2, 2012

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It was so fun that Katie and I were pregnant at the same time this year! It was fun to compare bumps back in January!

And now, the babies are here! Meet Hadley!!
Hadley is just 6 weeks older than Adele! It’s fun to get a preview of what’s coming up for me! She is so sweet. It was fun to meet her!

Courtney came over too to see the big baby introduction!


When we sat Adele and Hadley down together, all of us just burst out laughing. Those girls were HILARIOUS together! I can tell they will be friends forever. They were just having too much fun.


Adele, darling, I know she looks delicious, but please don’t eat your friend.

Hadley decided to try to eat Adele too. Serves her right.


I can not even handle this cuteness. It will be so fun to see them grow over the years. =)



3 Responses to “Adele, Meet Hadley”

  1. SOOO CUTE! I love that you both had little girls too.

  2. Totally blown over by the cuteness, too!!

  3. hereothere Says:

    Oh my goodness, on a scale of 0-10 the cuteness here is 11!

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