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It takes a Village September 5, 2012

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They say it takes a village to raise a child. If that’s the case, consider Adele raised.

All together, Adele has nine second cousins and two aunts on my side of the family. That means there’s a lot of competition for who gets to hold her. No shortage of baby-holding arms this week, that’s for sure.

We tried to take her for a walk, but Adele much prefers to sit up high in someone’s arms. She likes to see out!



Aunty Mikaela gave her this kitty and she is still loving it. I’m not sure why Adele thinks it’s just so funny.

One night we were hanging out at Mikaela’s house and we decided to give Adele a bath. This is what it looks like to have EIGHT people give a 3-month old a bath. (Grammie and me not pictured!)



I think Adele is loving all this attention. She’s been sleeping 11.5 hours straight a night EVERY night since we’ve been here. Good baby!


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  1. Adele must be in attention heaven!!!!! I am so jealous that she is sleeping so much straight at night. Sooo jealous 🙂 L hated not facing front in the stroller around 3 months so I let him ride big boy style…he now loves the stroller!

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