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Three Months September 20, 2012

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Month Three was fun. Adele emerged from the newborn stage into a beautiful, joyful infant.

She found her hands and now loves sucking on them. I think her thumb may be next!

She focuses on people and things across a room and is easily distracted. She’s proving to be curious about the world around her. She’s awfully nosy all of a sudden.

Her smile makes my day. She’s very generous with that full-bodied grin. She gives it to us often.

Can’t believe my baby is already half-way to month four!


3 Responses to “Three Months”

  1. Laurie Says:

    She gets cuter and cuter every day. I miss her tons!! Unless you are prepared for 8 years of braces, headgear, and two rounds of a pallot expander, Id encourage against the thumb sucking. Not that I would know from experience or anything.

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