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A Saturday: Day in the Life October 27, 2012

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Written at 10pm after a wonderful Saturday. This post is a little wordy, but I wrote it primarily as a journal entry for myself to someday remember what our life was like with an almost five-month old Adele. 


Today was the perfect Saturday. One of those days that made me so thankful for my little family. This is exactly how I envisioned it. This is what it’s all about. Days like today define happiness for me.

I heard Adele making some noise around 7:15a and went to find her on her belly! She knows how to roll back and forth now, but sometimes she gets stuck on her belly and needs a little assistance. I fed her and we all snuggled together in bed for a while before we all got up for the day.

We don’t really let Adele watch TV, but she loves our smart phones!

Then we skyped with Aunties EJ and Sarah for a little bit! So fun to ‘see’ them, they just got back from a week in Italy (jealous!)

Adele went down for a nap and we cleaned up the house, had breakfast and hung out. She slept for 1.5 hours! (So excited her naps are now becoming longer! Thank you, daycare!) Once she woke up, I fed her again and we left to do a few errands (Target, Lowes and Costco). Adele was awake for a little bit, and then graced us with a nice nap so we could grab some lunch after. She’s so great, we had her in her carseat for a good four hours while we were out and she didn’t make a peep. She just loves to look around, chew on her teething rings and coo at strangers. It kind of felt like life was before baby.

On the way back home, I fed Adele while we were in the car. (We use the Podee bottle for times like this! She can basically feed herself with it!) After a bit of playing back at home, Miss Adele was clearly ready for a nap, but she wouldn’t sleep. We tried both in her crib and in our bed with us. Irving did fall asleep though, so we let daddy nap and the two girls headed out on a walk. I had Adele in the front carrier pack and she was asleep with 5 minutes of walking, so I turned around, came home, and transferred her into her crib so she could sleep there.

I sipped on some tea and caught up on a few things while my two favorites were both snoozing away. Part of me was jealous, but I relished the quiet house and took advantage of my hour and a half alone.

Once everyone was up and the baby was fed, the three of us headed out on a walk together in search of some take-out for dinner. We decided to throw together our own meal from two different restaurants. Vegetable Tempura from a Japanese place and Pho Soup from a Vietnamese place. We also stopped at Trader Joes to pick up a few things while we were out too. So here we were walking down the street carrying two bags of dinner and one bag of groceries (and Irving was wearing Adele at the same time!) We chatted with some neighbors, looked at some Halloween decorations and listened to Adele make the cutest sounds as we walked. In fact, it was Adele’s ‘talking’ that sparked the conversation with our neighbor. She’s making friends for us already!

When we got home, Irving gave her a bath while I put away our groceries and prepped dinner. Then we swapped and I nursed her. It was waaaay past her bedtime at this point, but she was content watching us eat, so we let her sit with us while we dined.

Irving and I had a great conversation over dinner about how fun our life is now. We talked a little about the day she was born and how much she has changed since then.

She fits in so well in our family. She belongs here. She’s just so happy to be here, she lets us know that every day. I can’t wait to fill her beautiful little life with memories, experiences and wonders. Feeling very thankful tonight.


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  1. Laurie Says:

    Such a cute post. You 3 are the cutest! If I coudl change a thing, id move 2000 miles closer to snatch her away every so often. 🙂 Love you guysss

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