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Fall Into The Gap! November 9, 2012

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I made the mistake of going into Baby Gap today. Oh my gosh, their stuff is so flippin’ adorable! But seriously, do people really pay $39 for onsies?!

It took all my will power, but I only walked out with a Halloween outfit for Adele for next year, size 12-18 months! (Score, $5!)

But hypothetically, if someone gave me a shopping spree, here were my favorites! I’m a sucker for knit.









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6 Responses to “Fall Into The Gap!”

  1. I love all the baby gap clothes but they are so $$$!!! I always wait for them to go on sale because you know they always do. 🙂

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    Kelley – there’s a kids’ secondhand store in Burbank called “Wear it Once, Wear It Twice.” On Verdugo, I think? I haven’t shopped there, but E and I walk by every day and it looks like it has some good stuff.

  3. Tara Says:

    You’re lucky that you have a ruffle-wearer in the house. That’s the thing I’m going to be most excited about if we ever have a girl!

  4. olsontwins Says:

    SO cute. Find a baby consignment shop and you can get all that stuff, some with tags still, for like $5 a piece. The boys have Ralph Lauren stuff, Gap stuff, and various other cute things from a store called Once Upon a Child.

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