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Christmas Day December 30, 2012

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Christmas Day, we all went over to my sister Mikaela’s house for lunch and some gifts! Adele was able with her BFF Gizmo too.

We had an awesome Italian feast cooked by Mikaela and her future mother-in-law, Nancy! As a reward, she got to hold Adele for a while, I think she was happy to do so. (Hi, Nancy!) Dinner was fantastic.
And then we toasted to the future Mr & Mrs with some wine from the vineyard they are getting married at. We’re all looking forward to their wedding next year!

Sorry Adele… you have 21 more years til you can have a sip.

We waited a few more days to do all our gifts so everyone could be there, but we were all too excited to wait for Adele’s. So she got to open all her presents early.

Hi, pretty girl!

She got so many nice things from everyone! Toys, clothes, feeding supplies, games, ornaments! She also got a pillow pet, a CD where all the songs are about ‘Adele’, and a story book where my parents recorded their voices reading it so Adele can hear them when we read it together (I know, I almost cried!) Lots of thoughtful gifts for my little girl. I say it again, she is so lucky.



She was in such a great mood all day long. I love her excited expression! She smiles with her whole face now!

Other Christmas Day festivities included a photoshoot…

..and games for the boys (of course!)

Do you think Adele likes the cold weather?

Um… nope!
IMG_8606Mom, what is this? We don’t have this in LA!

The party continued over my aunt’s house. That’s become a fun tradition. We eat desserts and play games. There’s always a mean game of ‘Left, Right, Center‘ to be played. This year, Michelle reigned champion!

Adele had an awesome first Christmas.

And maybe had too much fun. All the excitement tuckered her out and she fell asleep on Grammie. The perfect end to a perfect day.