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A Puree Party January 1, 2013

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This week was a huge milestone week for Adele. In just a few days, she has outgrown her 3-6 month clothes, started babbling (she says “DADADADA” and “GOOGOOGOO”!!) No ‘mama’ yet though, no fair.

And she also started to try some purees!

We’re still doing Baby Led Weaning, but we have to introduce purees because her daycare won’t do the real food approach. My mom cooked up some butternut squash and I mashed it all up and put it in 1 oz containers. She got new baby spoons for Christmas and I think she was a fan! She had never had squash before but she loved it. (But there isn’t anything she’s tried yet that she didn’t like!)
Christmas Week

If we can’t do real food at daycare, the next best thing is fresh, homemade food. At least we still know exactly what she’s getting that way. Even though she is only 6.5 months old, she still held the spoon on her own and knew exactly what to do with it. We were all impressed.

Grammie was so proud to feed her too.

My family was also amazed at how well behaved she is at the table when we’re eating. We credit that 100% to Baby Led Weaning. She sits patiently and entertains herself while we eat.

Once we feel confident in our purees, we’ll switch back to BLW when we’re with her so she has both each day. (Purees for lunch and real food for dinner).

Anyone else try this hybrid approach? Any suggestions?

IMG_8701And just for fun.. random picture of Gizzy under the tree. He’s hoping that Adele will drop food for him, I’m sure!