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Roadtrip to Utah! January 23, 2013

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This weekend, we took Adele on a pretty awesome roadtrip! I think it’s our furthest one with her yet! She did great!

Saturday morning, we packed up the car, and set out driving 7 hours to our destination:

But let’s back up. We left Saturday morning around 9am (timed perfectly with Adele’s morning nap). We took her out of the car a few times to stretch and eat, but otherwise, she slept almost the whole time. I jumped in the back for one two-hour stretch to feed and entertain her while we drove, it worked out well! Time flew by. IMG_9129

Soon enough, we were past Las Vegas and heading towards Mesquite. We just happened to stop at this place:IMG_9132
Irving played golf here a couple of years back and has been dying to go back ever since. Too bad he didn’t have his clubs with him this time, but I know he was excited to see it again. I hear it’s a great course.

After our brief stop there, we continued on towards St. George, Utah! We literally drove through four states in one day! CA –> NV –> AZ –> UT! We had no idea there was a time zone change too! Oops!

We planned to stay one night in St. George before jumping over to Zion and we were SO glad that we did! We had an awesome hotel room. Excuse me, a hotel house.


We stayed at the Inn at Entrada and it was pretty awesome. I mean, come on, we had our own garage! That’s a first for us!

The house was gorgeous. Super comfortable, we wished we had stayed longer!
IMG_9135Can you spot the baby?


Fun fact: High School Musical 2 was shot on the property!

Here’s the pool!

That’s right folks, see these beautiful mountains here?

Zac Efron looked at those very mountains from this very spot. Jealous? You know you are. haha

But seriously, the property was so beautiful. If you’re coming to St. George, we highly recommend it!

Ohmygosh! Zac Efron played basketball hereeeeee! {squeal}
(not really, but I’m sure my cousins will be excited about this. hahaha

By the way, we got this blanket for Christmas and we loooooove it. It’s vinyl on one side, and fleece on the other. It’s perfect for picnics in the park, and hotel room floors apparently. Adele was a fan.

After a rough night of sleep (which is so sad because the room was so comfy! … more on that later!) We woke up ready to explore St. George.
IMG_9166What? I can’t have this whole bed to myself?

We met my friend from college, Katie, at George’s Corner Restaurant for brunch. It’s been years since I’ve seen her and we had a blast catching up.

I love meeting old friends in new places! So nice seeing you, Katie!

After we ate, Irving, Adele and I walked around St. George. It was a Sunday, so not too much was open, but what a cute little town. We’ll be back someday for sure!

And soon enough, it was time to head to our next stop: Zion!

Stay tuned!

Hotel: Inn at Entrada
Restaurants: Pier 49, Georges Corner Restaurant


4 Responses to “Roadtrip to Utah!”

  1. Katie Armstrong Says:

    It was so wonderful seeing you guys! Adele is just a doll :o) Hope to see you soon!

  2. olsontwins Says:

    Ugh, having well behaved sleeping babies for road trips is such a mixed blessing. It’s great to not have to drive while listening to a baby (or two) screaming, but that first night when they’ve slept the day away while you were up and driving SUCKS. We’ve gone down to North Carolina with the boys twice and they always sleep most of the way. It’s ROUGH.

  3. Love the recap! What a cool hotel. And Adele already looks so much bigger than the last time I saw her!!

  4. hereothere Says:

    Hahaha I won’t lie, along with your cousins, I was also a bit jealous! It looks so nice though seriously!

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