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The Business of Nursing February 1, 2013

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Want a little weekend math? Now that I’m done nursing, we’re feeling the financial impact of formula. Woah, that stuff is expensive! It’s no wonder some stores actually require an employee to unlock it for you if you’re buying it. I actually gave away the free tubs we got from the hospital since we didn’t need it then and now I’m kicking myself!

So let’s do some milk math to find out how much we saved by my almost eight-months of breastfeeding.

How Much Milk Did I Make?
Here’s a rough estimate of the amount of milk I’ve provided in the past eight months.

(Approx 30 days/month)
1-2 8x day x 3oz = 24oz 0 24oz 1440oz
3 6x day x 5oz = 30oz 0 30oz 900oz
4 5x day x 5oz = 25oz 1x5oz = 5oz 30oz 750oz
5 4x day x 5oz = 20oz 2x5oz = 10oz 30oz 600oz
6 3x day x 5oz = 15oz 3x5oz = 15oz 30oz 450oz
7 2x day x 5oz = 10oz 4x5oz = 20oz 30oz 300oz
8 1x day x 5oz = 5oz 5x5oz = 25oz 30oz 150oz
        TOTAL: 4590oz

Note the slow decline in the amount I was producing over the months. It’s kind of neat to see it in a chart form. (For someone who stopped taking math junior year of high school, I really like numbers!) 

How Much Money Did We Save?
How much money would 4,590oz of milk cost? Well if you consider a 23.5oz tub of Enfamil is usually $23.99, each 5oz bottle of mixed formula cost $1.26 (not including tax).

4,590oz of milk is 918 5oz bottles. 918 Free Bottles of Milk!

So 918 Bottles x $1.26 each = $1,156.68. WOW!

Cost of Nursing
It’s true that breastfeeding isn’t free though. I suppose it could be, but for us, there were significant costs involved:

$325 – Pump
$25 – Hands-Free Pump Bra
$25 – Extra Pump Membranes <— last ditch effort to try to increase supply!
$10 x 5 = $50- Lactation Support Classes
$75 – Breastfeeding Class at the Hospital
$25 – Six Boxes of Mother’s Milk Tea
$20 – Fenugreek Pills (To try to increase supply)
$10 – Nursing Cover
$16 – Medela Freezer Storage Bags
$45 – Three Calma Nipples (to avoid nipple confusion <— waste of money, by the way!)

=$616 <— My Out-Of-Pocket Cost of Breastfeeding

Money Saved
So if the value of the milk I produced was $1,156.68 and I subtract the costs associated ($616), I still saved us $540.68 over the course of 8 months. Of course there are other benefits to breastfeeding (nutrition, bonding, convenience, etc) but it’s also fun to see the financial benefits as well.

Happy Weekend!


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  1. Angie Says:

    Thanks for the post. I’ve been breastfeeding for 4 months now and being a working mom the pumping is a pain. I keep reevaluating every month but so far so good. I just don’t want to pump next school year! It’s so worth it though. I love our bonding time. Formula is ridiculously expensive!

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