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The One and Only February 5, 2013

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Why do babies LOVE Cheerios so much? Adele loooooves them. She eats a whole bunch and then bangs on her tray for more! She hears the cereal box and starts kicking in anticipation. I die from cuteness.


Even though she’s early for the “pincher” grasp, she’s become quite skilled at getting those little ‘O’s” into her mouth. She is very determined, and she has a lot of patience. She’ll work at it til she gets it right. It’s pretty impressive. 

My favorite is when she licks her hand and then smacks a bunch of them at once to get them to stick. Then she licks them off one by one. Genius, no?



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  1. Lizzy Says:

    Lucas loves cheerios too!!! I’m convinced he only likes them because they are the perfect size for their pincher grasps. I’ve become one of those moms with a bag of cheerios in all my bags. hahaha

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