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Adele: Month Eight February 9, 2013

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Didn’t I just write my 7 month post? I feel like not too much really changed between month 7 and 8. It was a great month. Adele continues to amaze us with her even temperament, happy disposition and fierce determination to do more. She’s such a good baby.

Her stats are pretty much the same as last month. I’m not sure on her height or weight though.

Weight = Guessing about 17 pounds?
Diapers = Size 2
Clothes = 9 Months (and a few 6 months still<–mostly because I’m still in denial)
Eyes = Currently they are Hazel
Teeth = Still none! And no sign of any popping through either! Should I be worried? Maybe she’ll save us the cost of braces someday if she never gets teeth!


Yep. Still going strong on the 12-13 hour a night train. I know you’re sick of hearing that. Frankly, after each month goes by without regression I pinch myself. I’m still shocked. And I’m not complaining. We know how lucky we are and I am so so so so so thankful. We have officially been blessed with the worlds-greatest-sleeping-baby.

Same routine. I lay her in her crib at 7:30p and she rolls over falls asleep on her own. Then she stays aslseep til 8am the next morning. Every. Single. Night. I don’t know how she does it. Baby just loves her sleep I guess!

She flip flops between two nap routines at daycare: a.) 10a nap and 3:30p nap or b.) 1p nap only. On the weekends, she’s still doing two naps a day, although sometimes they’re short car-ride-induced snoozes.


We’re still doing a mix of baby-led-weaning and purees. Purees for lunch at daycare and real food for breakfast and dinner.

I’m making all of her purees myself from scratch. Sweet potatoes, mango/banana, peas, carrots, apples… I get all my homemade babyfood tips from this website. I make and prepare a whole weeks worth of food on Sundays and store them in these containers and these containers. I send her with 1oz of vegetables and 1oz of fruit a day for lunch.

For breakfast and dinner, I give her bite sized pieces of whatever I have on hand. Breakfast is usually cheerios and banana or mango. Sometimes applesauce too. Dinner is a mix of things. Usually a tasting platter of a few things. I try to mix grains, veggies and fruits.

She’s tried SO many different foods already. She loves avocado, banana, parsnips, carrots, crackers, bread, cheese, pasta, cheerios, sweet potato, chicken, blueberries, mangos, pickles, tomatoes, bites of pizza, etc. There isn’t anything she’s tried that she hasn’t liked yet.

She’s 100% on formula as of January 27th. She doesn’t seem to notice or care that I’m not nursing her anymore. She tried to root once after I stopped, but other than that, she seems perfectly content with her formula. It took me about three days to get over being sad about ending breastfeeding, but I’m fine now. I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. There are so many other awesome things about being a mom that I’m excited about now.
And actually, as of tomorrow, she’s no longer drinking out of a bottle either! We dabbled in the sippy cup world last week and the verdict is out. She loves it. At the recommendation of friends, we went with the Nuk Learner Cups and so far so good! We have 7 of them now so starting tomorrow we’ll be nixing bottles all together. That was easy.


She’s been sitting up for months now, but just a couple of weeks ago, she started getting herself into the sitting position all by herself! She’ll crawl to something, grab it, and then sit up to play with it! Sounds so simple, but it’s pretty amazing to watch. I can’t believe at how fast she learns.

She’s crawling. And she’s fast!


She loves to follow me around the house now. I go about my business and she’s at my heels moving from room to room. I love hearing the pitter patter of her hands as they sneak up on me in various places. I love to see her peek around corners once she finds me too. It’s adorable.


In fact, people keep asking me why I haven’t updated the “Lamb Pictures” to compare sizes….

Well… this is what happens when I lay her down to take pictures now….

Yep. Why sit still when you can mooooove?

She still loves anything with a string or a tag. Like loooooves it. The bigger the tag the better. Irving lets her hold the mail sometimes and she thinks that’s the greatest thing ever. But she also loves her Fisher-Price Disney Baby Amazing Animals Sing-Along Choo-Choo.

We’re looking into getting her an activity table to play with now. Any suggestions?

She now LOVES to stand up! She’s always had strong legs, but now she will actually do it if you hold her hands!

Um, I’m not ready for this!!
IMG_9802Ok, the Tutus and Leggings I’m totally ready for…. but not the standing part. Go back to being a baby, crazy girl. (And yes, I got her to stand there by distracting her with the tag on that blanket there. I’m so sneaky).
So yea, Month Eight. You rocked. We’ve got a chatty, happy baby who makes us smile all day long. Can’t really ask for anything more!

PS. It’s not easy to get a newly-mobile baby to stay still! I wish I had a video camera to tape all my crazy antics to get her to stay put! She almost fell off the couch TWICE during this photoshoot (don’t tell Irving) and after each take, this is what I was dealing with:

My little explorer.

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  1. Lizzy Says:

    She’s such a big girl and so beautiful! My mom told me that my little sister didn’t get her 1st tooth till she was 13 months old. Their gums are so hard that they can chomp on anything. I love that she is standing and moving around. Isn’t it fun? I love when they follow you around the house but they don’t let you sit down again.

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