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Mom Confessions February 16, 2013

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A few “mom confessions” for you from this week…

-Sometimes, I run the dishwasher with only a few sippy cups and some spoons. It’s easier than washing them all by hand. Sometimes I get lazy.

-I get embarrassed when my daughter throws Cheerios and peas on the floor in restaurants. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and overly apologetic to the staff. And sometimes… I also pretend I didn’t see the food fall.

-I wish I were more organized. I’m good at making sure I have everything I need, but then I throw it all into my bag in a big hot mess. Tonight, I couldn’t find my garage clicker so I parked on the street because I had too much crap in my purse to dig through and find it.

-Adele had a Valentine’s Day party this week at school. We all had to bring valentines for the kids. I was totally “that mom” in Target two days before the party digging through the shelves to find the best of whatever was left. Next year, I’m starting in January and Adele will have the best invitations in the class. Next year I won’t be resorted to buying “scratch and sniff cupcakes”. They don’t even smell like cupcakes!

-I purposefully keep Adele up way past her bedtime one night a week (9:30p-10p). She always has a good time and then still goes down easily and sleeps through the night when I do. Sometimes she’s up late because I’m out with friends, working out or running errands. And sometimes I keep her up just because I can. To prove that life doesn’t have to live and die with routine. To prove that spontaneity keeps kids happy. And to fill my soul with an extra dose of the love only a baby can give.


Oooh, that felt good to share! What do you think? Does an imperfect mother make a better mother? I’m thinking it does! Share your confessions!


5 Responses to “Mom Confessions”

  1. Dell Says:

    You’re a hard-working woman. Don’t buy into the “guilt and apology” cycle. Would a man ever write a post like this? Think about it.

  2. Angie Says:

    I love your list. We all do something like that. Sometimes I ignore the fact that the dog gave him shower and leave him in his outfit because its so cute.

  3. olsontwins Says:

    Ooh confessions….

    Sometimes I skip bath time because the thought of attempting to bathe two one year olds is just too much. Also, on bath nights, I have an extra glass of wine before we start (not so much I’d let them drown, don’t worry!).

    I’m way relaxed when it comes to moving the boys along on their eating habits. Everyone gets in a tizzy if a one year old is on formula still, or still using bottles. They are 14 months and just got off formula. And I’m not making them scream bloody murder trying to use a sippy or straw cup. If they want bottles longer, they get them.

    And finally, I rock Emmett for a few minutes every night before bed. I don’t care that he’s 14 months and should be able to go down by himself. They’re only babies for a short time and if I want to rock him to sleep as long as possible, I’m going to!!!

  4. Papa Says:

    Does a ‘perfect’ mother make a better mother? The answer to both questions can only be found after defining both titles ! I doubt you can find that in any dictionary.

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