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There’s a hole in my mail, dear Liza, dear Liza…. March 18, 2013

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Adele accidentally got a hold of our mail on Saturday…. and um, this is what happened. I’m embarrassed to admit that the missing chunk has never been found.

*shakes head in horror*

At least she knows junk mail when she sees it, right?


4 Responses to “There’s a hole in my mail, dear Liza, dear Liza….”

  1. E.J. & Sarah Says:

    I know you were hoping that Adele would be just like Cuddles…turns out she is! Cuddles eats our papers all the time. If Adele continues to take after her, your rugs and cardboard boxes are next.

  2. cathy Says:

    Hahaha…speaking of eating…Im sure this had no taste at all!…Maybe the pancakes would of helped!…and those teeth are doing a good job!…keep poppin!

  3. olsontwins Says:

    Been there. At a restaurant with like 5 adults and 2 babies somehow no one noticed Beckett eating a paper coaster until he’d already made part disappear. Oops!

  4. Laurie Says:

    “I didn’t know you could do thaaat!”

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