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The Cold Shoulder April 8, 2013

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Tonight I was SUPER excited to pick Adele up at school. I hadn’t seen her since Thursday night and I was more than ready to scoop her up and kiss her face. I had the whole thing planned out. I would walk through the door and she’d quickly crawl over to me babbling “ma ma ma ma ma” the whole way, and I’d pick her up and she’d stroke my face, look me in the eyes and smile. But instead, I walked in, she took one look at me and went back to playing. I could have sworn I even saw her shrug her shoulders. When she did turn around, she just held out her hands and gave me a look that said “Oh great, you’re here? Give me your keys”. And she proceeded to play with my keys without even looking at me. When I picked her up, she kept looking around at anything but me. Say what?! Baby girl didn’t even miss me?! Rude.

Then we headed to Costco and she started to warm up. Just like her daddy, she gets excited to shop there. I was in and out in 15 minutes, and she giggled the whole time. Ok good. She doesn’t hate me. Whew!

Once we got home, I had a nice little package waiting for me!!! My new 50mm Lens for my Irving’s camera. I don’t know anything about cameras, but I’ve been lusting over this lens for over a year now. I’m looking forward to taking lots of pretty pictures in the near future. (I just have to learn how to focus it correctly!)
IMG_1117Yep, that would be sweet potato all over her face. Love it!
Adele is TEN months old today! Double digits! I’ll have her 10-month recap up this week hopefully!


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  1. Liz R. Says:

    Maybe she was mad at your for not being with her? Sometimes my kids would do that.

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