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Double Digits: 10 Months April 9, 2013

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Here we are. Double digit months. I can’t believe it’s April. I can’t believe we’re 1/3 through 2013 already. And I can’t believe Adele is a whooping ten months old.

Oh my gosh, you have no idea how hard it was to get a picture of her (in focus) sitting with that teddy bear. She’s a lady on a mission nowadays and it’s impossible to keep her in one place. I even tried to bribe her with Happy Puffs and even that wasn’t enough. But who am I to keep a curious girl from exploring?

We continue to have an absolute blast with Adele. She wakes up happy every day, she’s generous with her hugs and snuggles lately and she’s all smiles all day long. Even 10 months later, I still can’t believe what an easy baby we have.

IMG_1150That tongue!

Ten Month Stats
Weight: 17.2 lbs
Height: Not sure
Diapers: Size 2
Clothes: 9 Months


Four total! Two on the top, two on the bottom! She did so good with them. She was a little fussy for 2-3 days when each one came in, but they didn’t seem to bother her too much when we distracted her. Her toothy smile is so cute now, but it’s been tough to get a picture of them! She loves to run her tongue over her teeth and make kissy sounds by smacking her lips together.

She can easily pull up to standing now, and she’ll stand and play for long periods of time. I don’t think she’s that close to walking yet, she’s not too interested in letting go. I’m perfectly happy to wait a little bit longer for that milestone to happen.

She’s still loving my magical box of toys. She hasn’t gotten bored with it yet, but I think we need to start mixing it up a little bit in the next month or two. But like most babies, she’s way more interested in our phones, keys and shoes more than anything else.



She’s drinking 15-20oz formula a day now (down from 30oz two months ago). And she’s eating real food the rest of the time. We have her eating the food the daycare provides now and less and less purees. Here’s a sample of what a typical day is like:

8a – 5oz Formula
9:30a – Banana with either a Pancake or an Egg/Cheese/Spinach scramble.
11:30a – Rice, Turkey and Beans or Pasta, Broccoli and Chicken
12p – 5oz Formula
1:30p – Yogurt and Cereal
3:30p – Semolina and Applesauce
4p – 5oz Formula
5p – Quasadilla or Cheese withBread
6p – A few bites of a couple of different things such as: Kidney Beans, Sweet Potato, Bites of Cheese, bread with hummus, Blueberries, pasta, ravioli, etc.
7:15p – 3-4oz Formula

She pretty much eats anything and everything. She had sweet & sour chicken, lo mein noodles, gelato, mac & cheese, chicken tenders and more this month. Rounded out with lots of fruit and veggies of course.


This month, Adele flew to Florida with mom, and drove to San Francisco with dad. Those few days when they went to SF, I was away from her for the first time and longest time ever (four days!) I missed her.

We’re getting ready to take her to Hawaii soon too too! Lucky girl.

Same old, same old. Goes down at 7:30p and sleeps straight til 8a the next day. She’s pretty much down to just one 1-hour nap a day now too. But if she’s really sleepy or in the car for a while, she’ll sneak in a 2nd nap in the afternoon.

She still prefers to sleep on her tummy, but occasionally, we catch her being sassy with her arms behind her head. haha


-Clapping! If you start singing “Patty Cake” she’ll clap her hands! She also claps when you ask her to sometimes. And she claps when she hears music.

-Blowing Kisses! I’m not sure if she knows what she’s doing, but if you blow a kiss at her, she’ll usually blow one back. Awwwww!

-On March 9th, she legit said “Mama” for the first time!!!!

-We have a chatty one on our hands. She talks, shrieks and babbles allllll day long. We laugh sometimes because Irving and I can’t even hold a conversation sometimes because she’s talking so loud. haha

-She dances! Adele bounces her head and her body up and down when she hears music. And she’ll look at you in the eye when she does it to make sure you’re dancing as well. She’s a team player.

-Her newest obsession is throwing laundry out of the laundry basket. Very helpful.

-She loves riding upright in shopping carts! I thought she was too little, but if I buckle her in, she holds on and giggles the whole time. She always looks so proud cruising down the aisles in style when we go to Target.

-Just this past weekend, we found out Adele has a secret talent! Stair climbing! She can go up, but she can’t come down. I wasn’t there to witness it personally, but Grandma and Daddy said it was pretty awesome. Awe!

-Her hair! Where is her hair?!

That just about wraps up month 10’s amazing highlights. I am so in love. Being Adele’s mom is such a gift. We are the two luckiest parents in the world. Happy 10 months, baby girl!