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What’s up, Thursday? April 18, 2013

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A few random Thursday Musings for you…

–This week, a Costco-sized jug of laundry detergent fell off the top of the washing machine and cracked. Yep. Did I mention it was brand new and full?! We ended up salvaging what we could into water bottles and tupperware. Awesome.

–I accidentally scraped our new van against a fence tonight. whoops. I called Irving and proclaimed “Our Van has been Christened”. Sigh.

–After the great van-scraping disaster, I put Adele in the stroller and took off on foot for a walk with friends. Still had my work dress and some faux pearls on, but I shoved half a string-cheese in Adele’s hand (and called it dinner) and hit the pavement. I was determined to redeem myself for the bad day. Sometimes, you have to fight the Universe when it feels like it’s against you and it’s almost always worth it.

–I’ve always said that taking Adele out of her routine occasionally is a good thing. I think it’s one of the reasons she’s so flexible and adaptable. But I’ve had her out twice this week, and I think it might be catching up to her. We’ve got a couple of early nights ahead of us I think!
–I’m embarrassed (not really) by the amount of empty wine bottles in my recycling bin at the moment. I can’t help it. An evening glass has been such a nice indulgence and end to the day!
IMG_20130418_195545_263Oh, hey homemade pizza that I made in 10 minutes flat! 

–Went to an Orthopedic Surgeon this week who diagnosed my back pain. I have a herniated disc that is creating havoc on my Sciatic Nerve. Been doing a lot of crunches, stretching and tennis ball rolling to help it out. Still not running til the pain goes away. I really think it’s connected to the way your pelvis and hips move after childbirth. Thank you, Adele.


As a reward for reading my Thursday Musings, I’ll reward you with another park picture of Adele:



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  1. Laurie Says:

    Didn’t I diagnose your back pain? Two months ago…

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