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Mr. Puppy: Adele’s BFF May 3, 2013

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Adele has been sleeping with the same little puppy since she was four months old. She LOVES it. When it’s time for bed, she takes the puppy and rubs it on her cheek or puts it on her forehead and promptly falls asleep. I knew that a lovey can be a great sleep association, but I had no idea how much she’d truly grow to love Mr. Puppy.

Usually, puppy stays in the crib. I wanted her to associate it with sleep, so I never let her play with it when it wsan’t time to sleep. But now that she’s mobile, she figured out that she can rescue puppy from his crib jail during the day. He’s freeeee!

So now puppy gets to come on all of Adele’s adventures with her (around the house). She crawls around carrying him in her mouth. It’s pretty hilarious.

I catch her talking and playing with him all the time, it’s SOOO cute!



Some kids have a blankie, some kids have a stuffed animals. Adele has puppy, they are best friends.

No puppy left behind.


PS, how cute is her sticker! She got it at an event last week. Awe. Sometimes I forget how legit she is.


But as much as Adele loves puppy, I am starting to think he’s a bad influence too. He convinced Adele to go into my room and take my giant tub of lotion into the living room. I have a feeling these two are going to get into lots of trouble in the coming months.