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Cleaning Up Adele’s Uh-Oh’s May 22, 2013

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I’m going on the record to say that Adele’s official first word was “Uh Oh”. Even beyond “mama” and “dada”, she uses Uh-Oh both intentionally and deliberately.

In fact, she not only says the word (over and over), but she is continually demonstrating her understanding of it by tossing socks, shoes, toys and food overboard and then proclaiming loudly “Uh-oh!” And then she waits for you to retrieve the unfortunate item for her so she can start her trick all over again.

Here’s an example. Video proof, if you will:

So as you can imagine, meal time has been a bit… messy. I’d say Baby-Led Weaning has been a success, but the side effect is food on the floor. It’s inevitable. But I don’t stress about it.

I usually have a cute plastic dropcloth under her chair to save my poor floors, but lately, I’m finding it’s just easier to scoop up the crumbs and spot clean the floor when she’s done. Though she definitely enjoys throwing food on the floor, I’m actually noticing that a lot more thought goes into than I though. She is developing clear preferences for the kinds of foods she wants to eat (i.e., if I put cauliflower and broccoli on her tray, only the broccoli ends up on the floor… she’s smart enough to know not to throw out her beloved cauliflower!) She also seems to throw more when she’s full, so I try to pay attention to her cues.

When she’s done, I brush off her crumbs and let her play with her toys, and it takes me 5 minutes to clean up her chair.  I gather all the crumbs from the seat and floor onto the tray, and then I rinse and wash that in the sink. Done and done. Sometimes I use a dishcloth, but lately, I’ve also been using paper towels. Bounty sent me their new Duratowel (which has the strength of a dishcloth, without the germs they can harbor). I have to say, it passed the ‘Adele Mealtime Test’. One sheet cleaned her chair, tray and the floor successfully. It really does feel stronger than other paper towels I’ve used.

In the spirit of ‘going green’, I know reusable is best. But when my dishtowels are all in the laundry, DuraTowel to the rescue. This mom gives it two thumbs up.