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Cleaning Up Adele’s Uh-Oh’s May 22, 2013

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I’m going on the record to say that Adele’s official first word was “Uh Oh”. Even beyond “mama” and “dada”, she uses Uh-Oh both intentionally and deliberately.

In fact, she not only says the word (over and over), but she is continually demonstrating her understanding of it by tossing socks, shoes, toys and food overboard and then proclaiming loudly “Uh-oh!” And then she waits for you to retrieve the unfortunate item for her so she can start her trick all over again.

Here’s an example. Video proof, if you will:

So as you can imagine, meal time has been a bit… messy. I’d say Baby-Led Weaning has been a success, but the side effect is food on the floor. It’s inevitable. But I don’t stress about it.

I usually have a cute plastic dropcloth under her chair to save my poor floors, but lately, I’m finding it’s just easier to scoop up the crumbs and spot clean the floor when she’s done. Though she definitely enjoys throwing food on the floor, I’m actually noticing that a lot more thought goes into than I though. She is developing clear preferences for the kinds of foods she wants to eat (i.e., if I put cauliflower and broccoli on her tray, only the broccoli ends up on the floor… she’s smart enough to know not to throw out her beloved cauliflower!) She also seems to throw more when she’s full, so I try to pay attention to her cues.

When she’s done, I brush off her crumbs and let her play with her toys, and it takes me 5 minutes to clean up her chair.  I gather all the crumbs from the seat and floor onto the tray, and then I rinse and wash that in the sink. Done and done. Sometimes I use a dishcloth, but lately, I’ve also been using paper towels. Bounty sent me their new Duratowel (which has the strength of a dishcloth, without the germs they can harbor). I have to say, it passed the ‘Adele Mealtime Test’. One sheet cleaned her chair, tray and the floor successfully. It really does feel stronger than other paper towels I’ve used.

In the spirit of ‘going green’, I know reusable is best. But when my dishtowels are all in the laundry, DuraTowel to the rescue. This mom gives it two thumbs up.


Chocolate or Vanilla August 11, 2011

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I didn’t get outside once today! It was such a nice day too. Hope to change that tomorrow and go for a nice walk.

Next week I will be switching my blog to a self-hosted server. I’m so excited that my little blog is growing up! I’ve been trying to tweak a few things to get it ready for the big move. Let me know if you notice anything strange in the next few days.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank my lucky stars for friends like Erica who brought me an AMAZING chocolate treat from her recent trip to Canada. (She was there at the same time Will and Kate were there!)

We adore Ice Wine. It’s a little pricey, but once a year or so, it’s definitely worth the splurge. Ice Wine comes from grapes that are harvested while they’re frozen so they can only make it in certain parts of the world (like Canada!)

Whoever thought to combine this with chocolate should win some kind of prize. It was delicious! Thanks, Erica!

Irving and I went to the grocery store tonight (armed with BOATLOADS of coupons from BlogHer!) He wandered around the store looking for boring things like BBQ sauce and milk while I beelined to my favorite aisle.

Boy, do I love cereal. I could spend all day looking at cereal boxes, comparing prices, sizes and taste. Growing up my mom used to have a $2 rule. We had to choose the cereal that was $1.99 or less. Nowadays it’s hard to find a box for less than $3, but I still try to go for the sales and use my coupons. I totally broke all the rules tonight when I walked away with this.

I got a few samples of this at BlogHer this weekend and I LOOOOOVED it. It was $4.49 (my mom is probably gasping out loud right now!) but I had a coupon that brought it down to $3.50. Still pricey, but worth it for a product I now love so much. (Hear that Quaker? you gave me a free sample and I shelled out a few bucks for more just a few days later! Marketing for the win!)

Classic Foods sent me (two) boxes of some of their new Baked Classics Chips recently. I wasn’t expecting to get quite so many, so I have been sharing the love with my friends lately.

They made an appearance at the Hollywood Bowl last week and I passed them out to our friends. Chips make great picnic food. They travel well and it’s fun to have your own bag.

They sent over a new product that I’ve never seen before: Vanilla Frosting Multigrain Chips. I am a total vanilla girl. I almost always choose vanilla over chocolate if given the choice! (But I’ll never turn down good chocolate either, don’t get me wrong!) Wait… a vanilla frosting flavored chip? How intriguing!

“They are popped to a light, crunchy crisp and then seasoned in the mouth-watering flavor of Vanilla Frosting.”

They have no cholesterol, trans fat, saturated fat, preservatives, msg, high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or coloring.

I’m a huge vanilla fan and I really, really liked these. They feel indulgent, totally satisfy my sweet tooth and surprised my taste buds a bit. I’ve been bringing them with my lunches lately, but I always save the chips for my 3pm sugar craving hour. Always does the trick.

I asked my friends to try them too and let me know what they think. Overall, most people liked them and appreciated what a new and different product it was. But some thought the taste was a bit artificial. It’s also a little strange because they do taste like a rich sugar cookie, but the texture is that of a chip. So maybe it could be compared to a crunchy cookie? It’s hard to explain, but I kind of liked it.

Want to try them for yourself? I have a couple of bags to give out! Comment below and I’ll pick a winner on Monday.
Tell me what your vice is: salty or sweet!

Classic Foods provided me with these chips for the purpose of reviewing it on All opinions are my own.


Product Review: Crystal Geyser for the Win! August 9, 2011

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I typically don’t drink a lot of my calories. I much prefer to get them from actual food. I don’t drink soda (Root Beer being the scarce exception) and I don’t usually drink juice. However, I do love tea, seltzer and water and try to just stick with that.

But when the nice people over at Crystal Geyser offered to send me an array of drinks, I was excited (especially for the Tejava!)  We drank these over the course of about two weeks.IMG_6714

When I told the rep how much I already loved the Tejava, she sent me a full sized bottle to review. Of course I already knew how great it was, but now I have a reason to talk about it.

First off, Tejava has two ingredients: water and tea leaves. I LOVE unsweetened tea. I never put milk or sugar in my hot tea either. I like it plain and simple. And as such, it has 0 calories! If you’re thinking maybe it would be too bitter, it’s actually not. They microbrew it which “yields a rich, distinctive, full-bodied taste”.

I enjoyed this tea last week using my new glass from Katie and Mark’s wedding! Yum!

If you are interested, they are holding a contest right now where you can enter to win a trip to the Java Tea Plantation and the Island of Bali!

The second product we tried was the Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze line. Irving had the Cranberry Black Cherry and I tried the Passion Fruit & Mango. They are a bit tart with a hint of carbonation and come in eight different flavors. Irving loved them. He really liked the taste and thought the flavor was right on. Though I’m not really a juice girl myself, I think it’s great they don’t add corn syrup, cane sugar or beet sugar. But I view juice is an occasional treat and I prefer it a little sweeter.

They do however suggest adding it to a lunch box since it contains a full serving of fruit. If kids are going to drink juice anyways, might as well make it a healthy option.

The next products were Crystal Geyser California Iced Teas. I have an undying love for Iced Tea so of course I loved these. The ingredients are water, tea and cane sugar and natural flavors. It’s actually pretty hard nowadays to find drinks that still contain real sugar. We do not drink anything with Splenda, Aspertame or Nutri Sweet. (No more Diet Snapple for me. I stopped drinking that a few years back, so I’m happy to find a product to replace it!)  I not only don’t like the taste, but I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners in general. If I’m going to have sugar, give me (a small amount of) the good stuff.

I had my first one along side a super delicious chopped salad. If I could go back in time and eat this salad again, I would. This tea was the perfect accompaniment. It was just sweet enough for me. I really enjoyed it.

Ok, real quick, here’s the recipe for my Chopped Lettuceless Salad:

–Dice up tomato, red onion, red pepper and cucumbers
–Stir in a glug of honey, a tablespoon of olive oil, salt, pepper, and whatever seasoning you like (I used a rosemary garlic flavor)


And the last product is actually one I buy quite frequently. It is the Crystal Geyser Sparkling Mineral Water. Sparkling water is my beverage of choice. It has nothing in it, yet it is still bubbly, fun and delicious.

I brought these for lunch last week. First was a Trader Joes Eggplant Parmesan (which I don’t recommend, by the way).  I drank the Orange Flavored sparkling water as an afternoon snack. It definitely satisfied my 3:00 snack craving for 0 calories. Perhaps I was more bored than hungry. For the win!

And next was a chicken salad sandwich with chips. Nothing goes better with a sandwich than some bubbles.

Crystal Geyser is currently only in the California and western markets, but if you do live here, it’s widely available. I see it all the time in my local grocery stores. I still only buy bottled drinks occasionally, but when I do crave one, I’m really glad to have some healthy, natural alternatives to the usual fare. Beware though, that Tejava is like crack. It’s SO good!


Packed and Ready! August 4, 2011

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Last night I finished packing up for BlogHer! Hope I didn’t forget anything!!IMG_6781

I am only traveling with a carryon suitcase, which seemed a little tight considering I’m bringing FOUR pairs of shoes! (Who am I?!)

But we always travel with Eagle Creek’s Pack-It system, so it keeps everything neat and compressed.IMG_6782

Viola! All that fit into one folder! Impressive, no?

I managed to fit all my clothes, toiletries, shoes, chargers, etc in there! Whew! It took a few hours, but I think it worked. Now I’m pumped!
I was hoping to also fit a walk in this morning, but I’ve just been SO tired this week. I’ve had one too many late-nights in a row, and it’s really catching up to me! I can’t wait for our hotel sleep tonight. I always sleep well when we travel. I don’t plan on getting much rest this weekend, but I think I’ll be too excited to care.


A few weeks back, I was asked to review the new Ear Bud clip from ClipE. The idea is that it keeps your headphones from getting caught when you run or workout. This has always been an annoyance of mine, so I gladly agreed to review them.

Listening to music while I run is actually new to me in the past year or so. I used to run without it and now, I can never go back. I listen to everything from music to audio books to NPR podcasts. I have tried holding my ipod in my hand, in my shorts pocket, in my fuel belt… even threading the wire under my sports bra.

I even purchased a shirt last year that is specifically designed for headphone wires, but even that started pulling after a while and I had to just take my headphones off.

The ClipE was invented by a professional pilot and an avid runner. She actually got the idea from the way cables were organized in the cockpit of a plane. But the final result is both useful AND fashionable.
ear (4)

I love the design that they sent me, the color even matches my ipod!

I tried them out using my ipod earphones, but I think it would work with any brand, as long as the cords are not too thick.
ear (5)

The clip is pretty small, about the size of a quarter, and slips right onto your earphones by squeezing the small clip on the back. Then that same clips goes right on your shirt wherever you want it.
ear (6)

I have used it twice so far. Once on a run and once on a walk. It definitely keeps the cord in place and doesn’t budge at all, which is nice. You have to make sure you give it enough slack so if you turn your head too far it won’t pull, but once it’s adjusted, it does stay really well.

I was able to swing my arms when I ran without getting the wires snagged. I tried it in a few places on my shirt (My sleeve and my chest), but I liked it best on my left shoulder (since my ipod was in my left pocket). I even forgot I had it on it was so comfortable.

I don’t have any complaints about it except that it doesn’t sit flat on your shirt. Since it’s clipped on, it actually sits sideways.

Overall, I really like it. I’m going to keep it clipped onto my headphones so whenever I need it, it will be there to attach.

You can purchase them online through their Amazon store here for $7.95.

Thanks to ClipE who sent me this product free for the purposes of reviewing it. As always, all opinions are my own.


popchips: a review and a giveaway! July 5, 2011

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The awesome people over at popchips sent me some samples to review. I’ve had the original and BBQ flavors before, but I was excited to see what new varieties they had as well.

popchips are all-natural and have some pretty great stats:
-They’re popped (not baked or fried)
-Less than half the fat of fried chips
-No transfat, saturated fat or cholesterol
-No preservatives, colors or fake flavors
-No greasy residue


They also sent me a sweet bag clip (how cute is that? A bag clip from a potato chip company! Brilliant!)

Irving and I dug into the first bag right away. We chose the Sour Cream and Onion first because it’s a flavor we don’t get very often, but I used to LOVE those kinds of chips!
The flavor was perfect. Not too salty or overbearing. The right amount of tastiness for the chip. popchips are denser than regular chips. Almost like Munchos, remember those? MMmm! (but these are much healthier!)

I couldn’t show you a bag of chips without subjecting you to another photo of my face! haha.
PS….. I spy Irving in the mirror!

The next flavors we tried were shared with our friends (and new parents!) Erika and Timmy! They grabbed the BBQ and sea salt & vinegar flavors. It was the perfect pre dinner party snack! Light, satisfying and delicious. I think they liked them!

On our roadtrip up to San Francisco, I had the salt & pepper flavor to keep me company. I always get hungry on long car trips, probably out of boredom. But popchips were the perfect snack for the road. I really liked these. I’d say they were a bit on the salty side, but the pepper flavor was PERFECT. They kept my mouth happy.


I still have the Cheddar and Original flavors left, and I’ll probably save those for a Hollywood Bowl night or for a time when I am craving something munchy.

Thanks again to popchips for letting me try the new flavors!

For more information on popchips, check out their website or their blog!

Want to win some free chips??? Leave a comment below and tell me what flavor you want to try.
I’ll randomly pick a winner on Thursday morning to receive a coupon for a free bag!



Oh Honey, Honey… June 1, 2011

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I love honey. I add it to tea, spread it on Peanut Butter sandwiches, smear it on bananas, and drizzle it on spinach.

I like because it’s sweet, but carries less guilt since it comes from nature. That’s good reasoning, right? IMG_6048

But did you know that honey is a great source of natural energy for everyday activities or during exercise as well as for pre- and post- workout fuel. Honey helps sustain your energy levels as it delivers a unique carbohydrate composition of natural sugars and trace amounts of antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids? [source]
CuttingBoard Honey Granola Power Bowl 

In fact, honey is almost the perfect superfood for athletes and runners. It has 17 grams of carbs per tablespoon and is ideal for working muscles. It delays fatigue and can decrease muscle soreness too. One of the best post-exercise snacks is a banana with peanut butter and honey!

The kind people at the National Honey Board sent me some local honey to try out! Sounded good to me!

This morning, I tried their Whey Better Berry and Honey Energy Boost Shake!

Whey Better Berry and Honey Energy Boost Shake

Serves 2 – 3


  • 3 – 4 tbsp honey
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ cup skim milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein
  • ½ cup strawberries
  • ½ cup blueberries
  • ¼ cup raspberries
  • ½ banana
  • 3 cubes of ice


  1. Slice strawberries and banana.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a blender.
  3. Blend. Be sure ice is crushed and all ingredients are well mixed before serving. Enjoy a great breakfast on the go!


I halved the recipe to just make one smoothie. And I used frozen berries instead of fresh with ice.  It was DELICIOUS!IMG_5803

I’ll be posting a few more recipes highlighting honey soon, I just LOVE it! A power breakfast that tastes like dessert is an A+ in my book.

For more information on the benefits of honey and other fun stuff, visit

Disclosure: The National Honey Board has provided me with this product for the purposes of trying and reviewing it. All opinions are my own.


Fueled by Rokit May 7, 2011

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Rokit Fuel is a fairly new company trying to break into the already crowded energy bar market — but you know what? I think they actually do have something different to offer and I was willing to give it a try.

I first saw the products on Meals And Miles and it piqued my interest because I hadn’t heard of them before.
The company sent me a sample pack of all the different products to test out and I was super excited to see them in person.

All of their ingredients are whole foods (no processing, no artificial anything).

I don’t eat a raw or whole food diet (by any means) but I appreciate the healthy stuff when I see it. The ingredient that stuck out the most to me was Bee Pollen. I’ve never seen that in any other food, but it has amazing health benefits that can help enhance athletic performance and help you recover faster. It also reduces inflammation.

The first one I had was the Chocolate Dream Cereal.

You can mix it with hot or cold water or milk. Or you can have it dry. During Ragnar, I ate it dry (for convenience sake) and it was really good. I loved the chunks of chocolate and dried cherries. It fueled me well for a two-day relay race, and didn’t upset my very sensitive stomach when I ran, so that gets an A+ in my book.

I loved the Cherry Almond and Stud Muffin Cereals too. I had those mixed with hot water and ate it like a regular bowl of oatmeal.
IMG_5284 IMG_5302

No chocolate in that one, but equally delicious.


The cherries are just amazing. They’re tart and sweet at the same time.

The Energy Mixes are an interesting concept.

They’re really a smaller, more portable alternative to the Cereals. You can also mix these with water, or pour the water directly into the packet and squeeze it out to eat it on the go. I have to be honest, I can’t really think of a reason why anyone would want to eat oatmeal out of a pouch, but it’s nice to know you can in case you had to!

They were really good. I mixed mine with hot water in a bowl and ate it for breakfast. I tried the Spice Cookie and the Stud Muffin one so far and they were great. I really like instant oatmeal, and I usually make two packets at a time (because let’s face it, one is not enough!) But Rokit Fuel is so nutrient and calorie dense that one is definitely enough. Each packet is 260 calories or less and has 7g or 8g of protein. They keep me full all morning. They are tasty and satisfying –and healthy to boot!

They also sent me some mysterious looking bars. They don’t have a name yet, but they’re labeled as “Prototype Sample”.

I tried the chocolate one today around noon, and only ate half before feeling incredibly full (in fact, I’d almost go as far as calling it lunch since it’s the only thing I ate from 9am til 4pm. I think these bars are hitting the market shortly, but I have a few comments about them. I eat a lot of energy bars (Clif, Luna, PowerBar, etc) so I have pretty high standards for them.

  1. The nutritional facts are really good. I only ate half the bar, which was definitely enough, and it was 180 calories. I believe that’s consistent with others on the market. But the ingredients are impressive. There is not one processed or artificial thing in there. Just the good stuff.
  2. The consistency was pretty unique from anything I’ve ever had. The outside was a thick, rich layer of fudge wrapped around a healthy middle. Although I loved the chocolate (it was nice and dark!), they could probably cut back on it.
  3. It’s messy. The bar is huge and they’re packing a lot of goodies in there, but it’s almost too big to eat. It crumbled when I opened it and the chocolate flaked off. I tried to eat it at my desk at work, but it was almost too messy to eat. I would suggest making it flatter so it’s easier to eat? I haven’t tried the Peanut Butter one yet, so I’m curious to see if it will be the same issue.
  4. I couldn’t imagine eating this during a race (or even right before) since it’s a little heavy. But it made for an excellent snack and it was delicious.


It’s exciting to see new products like this enter the market with a fresh new idea. I’d definitely recommend it. You can buy them online or at a specialty sports store. Hopefully they’ll release to the mass market soon. To find out more, check out their website.

Psst… check out my next guest blog for Contiki! I think Rokit Fuel would be perfect for traveling. I might have to get some for our next big trip! Eating healthy on the go is always a good thing, right?


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