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Boston for the Weekend June 4, 2013

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Remember that time I flew all the way across country by myself with a baby to spend one night in Boston and then flew all the way back home? Yep. That happened last weekend. It really takes an insane person to think that sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? The flight wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty (I’ll spare you the details), but in the end, it was most definitely worth it.

This weekend was a surprise trip that my sister Laurie and I schemed up to surprise our family for a couple of important birthday celebrations. She had flown in the night before and stayed with a friend and then met me at the Boston airport early on Saturday morning. We rented a car and headed off for a day of surprises.

We originally planned to show up at our other sister Mikaela’s house (she was having a yard sale that morning!) but because of my delayed flight, we missed that opportunity. So instead, we decided to surprise my mom and dad first. My mom was participating in a kayak race down a river, so we wanted to be there cheering at the finish line as she came in….. but even THAT plan got foiled when we learned she had paddled so fast, she was the first woman to cross! (GO MOM!) When we arrived, she and my dad were already loading the kayak into the car, so our big reveal happened in the parking lot. They were SO surprised and in shock I think!
IMG_8202Side Note: Dad, send me the pictures from your camera and I’ll add in the ones with you in them too!! 

Adele spent the afternoon hanging out with her Grammie, Grandpa and Aunties (we were able to surprise Mikaela too when she showed up at mom’s house!) Everyone had fun playing with the baby and I got to steal a quick nap.

In the evening, we took some family photos since the weather was SO NICE while I was there.

And some special Auntie pictures too!

Adele smells a flower… and then tries to eat it. LOL

So why were we all dressed up? It was the night of Great-Grammie’s surprise birthday party!!! Our entire family was there! Twenty-Four of us in all. She was SO surprised to see everyone there… and even MORE surprised to find out Laurie, Adele and I flew out for it! The moment that made the entire weekend worth it.

Grandchildren (and Great Grandchildren) picture!

We had an awesome dinner. The food and company was great. Adele had fun schmoozing the crowd and eating lots of yummy food. Her smile says it all.

Haha I love this picture, looks like she’s trying to solve a difficult algebra problem or something.

Candid sisters photo.

After dinner, the party continued with cake and presents!


Happy 80th Birthday, Grammie!!

Such a wonderful and special night, so glad I got to be a part of it.

After our one and only night sleep in Boston, Adele enjoyed Sunday with our family. They soaked in every second with her.

A few hours before my flight out, Adele took a nice nap on her Grammie. I was in shock that my mom was able to get her to sleep like that. I took notes and I was able to do the same thing on my flight home that night! She slept the whole way back! Thanks, mom!

Today is actually my mom’s birthday too! Happy Birthday, mom!!!!! Love you so much! Hope you enjoyed our impromptu weekend home!


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  1. Go Kelocity Mom!!!!! That’s awesome she was the #1 woman. What a fun weekend and I’m sure that your parents were super shocked. If I did that to my mom she probably wouldn’t be able to speak. hahaha. Looks like Grammie had a wonderful 80th birthday 🙂

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