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Lunch at The River June 12, 2013

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Across the street from the Rancho Las Palmas hotel is a small, but pretty, mall with lots of great restaurants. They call it “The River” for the water features that run through it, it’s really nice. On Saturday afternoon, we headed out in search of lunch. We ended up choosing Michaels Pizzeria and we were pleasantly surprised.  The food was really authentic (reminded me of Rome!) and the atmosphere was fun. And there were crayons!!

Adele prefers to eat crayons, instead of draw with them. Kids.


She loves being at the table with us. I really enjoy eating out with her.


While we waited for our pizzas and calzones to bake, a table photoshoot occurred! A celebratory birthday lunch deserves pretty photos of the birthday girl!

Once our food arrived, we gave Adele bites here and there. We ordered her a vegetable/farro salad, but she was really lusting after my pizza. In addition to some yummy bites with sauce and cheese, I ended up also giving her my crust to gnaw on at the end and she LOVED it. That seriously kept her busy for 20 minutes and at the end, it was pretty much gone.

After lunch, it was time for cake! Birthday Cake! Here’s a teaser!