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Two Years June 8, 2014

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There’s Ice Cream in my Cake! August 20, 2013

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This weekend, we celebrated my big 3-0. Irving surprised me by picking up take-out from Mozza (it’s been on my LA Foodie bucket list for a while!) The picnic pack came with two pizzas, dessert and a bottle of wine. Sounds like a party to me!

We took our dinner to our favorite park and enjoyed our birthday meal under a shady tree.


We tried to conceal our ‘open container of alcohol’ behind the stroller. Shhh! We’re such rebels!
IMG_0077PS: Thanks for the cool picnic wine holders mom and dad!

The pizza was ah-mazing. Adele even ate a whole slice of mine! Considering she doesn’t really eat anything anymore, that was quite the compliment to Mozza!

I was in the middle of taking self portraits….

….and looked over and saw Adele getting into trouble. HAHA

But don’t worry, that bottle was long gone by the time that picture was taken. Prosecco. Mmmm.

The dessert was a decadent Butterscotch pudding with Sea Salt and whipped cream. MMmm. Pretty much the best picnic ever. I am one lucky girl.
But that’s not all! Irving also surprised me with a cake, and we decided to save it for the following night. Check. It. Out.

Let me set this up for you…. Baskin Robbins Ice Cream cake…. with cake on the bottom and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream inside…. and three scoops of icecream in little cones on top (Snickers, Peanut Butter Cup and Salted Oreo). Yep. Are you kidding? Nope, not kidding.

I think Adele was pretty bummed it wasn’t her birthday. Look at that face!



Dude, she is like SO jealous of me right now.

But then I let her eat the first ice cream cone off the top and she got over it real fast.


And if you’re wondering, she picked the Snickers one. Good choice Adele.
I think my 30s are going to be pretty awesome because with a cake like that, how can they not be?!


1st Birthday Party July 1, 2013

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Yep, if you’re counting, this was Adele’s third birthday celebration. And her third smash cake. What can I say, go big or go home, right? The first birthday is special enough to be celebrated three times, right?


Aunty Mikaela graciously hosted her party, it was so cute!
_Adele 1st Birthday

Adele, watching her guests arrive!

Haha, Aunty Laurie remembered that both Irving and I had a birthday candle, so she bought Adele one! YAYYY!!!!!

Soon it was CAKE TIME!!! Adele was getting tired and cranky, but as soon as she had one taste of frosting, she was 100% focused on the job at hand.



I think Adele would have sat there and ate that whole cake if we let her! Grandpa to the rescue!

I am so lucky to have so many great high school friends, even after all these years. Love these girls!

Adele is such a lucky lady, she was surrounded by love on her special day.



Soon, the birthday girl emerged after a quick bath, ready to open her presents!



Lots of mama’s friends…

…and lots of baby’s friends!

Happy Birthday, Adele. So happy you had such another wonderful day to celebrate. You are one lucky, spoiled little girl. Thank you so much to all of our friends and family who showered her with love. xo


Happy Birthday to you! June 17, 2013

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I’m going for the record of ‘most 1st birthday posts ever’. How am I doing so far? ha! I can’t help it. My Mommy-and-Me teacher told me to celebrate as much as I want. So we did! After all, you only turn ONE once!

After our fun lunch, we set up a drop cloth (the same one from our studio photo shoot! And… yes. It still had cake crusted on it from that cake smash.) Anyways, we found a shady spot under a big tree that looked out over the hotel golf course, and we let the birthday girl enjoy her first official birthday cake.

She wasn’t sure what to make of it. I don’t think she realized it was food. She wasn’t too interested at first.


So we gave her a few tastes…

And then it clicked. Cake is good! I love cake! I want to eat more cake!


So that’s what we did… we sat in the shade, and we ate cake. And we celebrated our #1 girl.



Here’s a video of us singing “Happy Birthday” to her for the first time!!!!



I’m pretty sure Adele ate half the cake by herself. Who was I to stop the fun!

After all three of us were covered with pink frosting, we cleaned up by jumping in the lazy river and doing a little bit of swimming. Then when we all came down from our sugar high, Adele took a nap in the room while Irving and I chatted. I love mini-vacations!

When the birthday girl woke up, we headed out to the restaurant where birthday dreams are made of: The Cheesecake Factory. Yes!

The waiter saw Adele’s birthday hat and brought her a special birthday treat! Her very own bread basket with baby-sized bread and a sliced banana! Isn’t that so cute!?

Adele went to town on it! She knew it was just for her.

We had a great meal, it was so much fun. Happy Birthday, Adele! Hope you had a great birthday weekend! We love you so much!



Lunch at The River June 12, 2013

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Across the street from the Rancho Las Palmas hotel is a small, but pretty, mall with lots of great restaurants. They call it “The River” for the water features that run through it, it’s really nice. On Saturday afternoon, we headed out in search of lunch. We ended up choosing Michaels Pizzeria and we were pleasantly surprised.  The food was really authentic (reminded me of Rome!) and the atmosphere was fun. And there were crayons!!

Adele prefers to eat crayons, instead of draw with them. Kids.


She loves being at the table with us. I really enjoy eating out with her.


While we waited for our pizzas and calzones to bake, a table photoshoot occurred! A celebratory birthday lunch deserves pretty photos of the birthday girl!

Once our food arrived, we gave Adele bites here and there. We ordered her a vegetable/farro salad, but she was really lusting after my pizza. In addition to some yummy bites with sauce and cheese, I ended up also giving her my crust to gnaw on at the end and she LOVED it. That seriously kept her busy for 20 minutes and at the end, it was pretty much gone.

After lunch, it was time for cake! Birthday Cake! Here’s a teaser!


1st Birthday Weekend Celebration June 11, 2013

Since our families don’t live close by, we decided to skip on the iconic ‘1st Birthday Party’ and celebrate just the three of us with a quiet weekend away instead. On Friday night, we headed to Rancho Mirage (oh, hey President Obama!) to stay at the Rancho Las Palmas hotel. The room was great, we kept the AC blasting to combat the 102* temps outside!



In typical Adele fashion, she settled into the big king bed nicely.


We traveled with our Pack N’ Play and set it up in the bathroom. She slept great, all night long, both nights we were there. We kind of missed her though and wished she was cuddling with us, but alas, baby needs her sleep.


After we were done exploring the room, we decided to brave the insane temperatures and venture out for a walk. We ate at a BBQ place across the street that was pretty fun. Adele dined on Jalapeño cornbread, sweet potatoes and parts of my hamburger.  I’m trying to remember if there was a vegetable in there somewhere…. [thinks for a second] oh yes, the corn in the cornbread. Does that count? Good times.

The next morning was a special day. Adele turned one. June 8th. When we heard her wake up, both Irving and I ran in to grab her and smother her with kisses and hugs. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her twice. A special day indeed. We let her open up some presents! Her friend Sophie gave her the best gift ever. A book that lights up and sings. Mind blown.

And we wheeled out our gift from the closet…. check her out!

We got her the SmarTrike dream and she LOVES it! I mean, it has a cell phone, come on!
Cell phones are tasty!


Eventually, the trike converts (little by little) into a big wheel tricycle! I like quality toys that grow with the child. A+ so far (which is more than I can say about the piece-of-crap plastic shopping cart we tried to buy her at target… yea, that will be returned asap. You win some, you lose some).

Happy Birthday, Adele!

Part 2 of our trip coming soon!!



She’s ONE! June 8, 2013

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