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13 Months July 9, 2013

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Before we get to Adele’s 13 Month Update… let’s back up a bit. I got so caught up in celebrating Adele’s first year, that I almost forgot to document her 12th month! Here’s her picture from last month first! It’s impossible for her to sit still anymore, so from now on, all photos require props.

She’s loving her new Adele-Sized table that she got for her birthday. Daddy still has to put together the three other chairs, but she’s gotten pretty good at climbing into it. She loves to play with toys on the table. She looks so big and studious when she sits in it.

Ok, back to month 13….
IMG_9670Told you, props are king now!

Here’s her 1 Year + 1 Month stats!
WEIGHT: 19.5 Pounds (!!) — Up from 18lbs a few weeks ago! Someone had a growth spurt! As of this week, she now officially weighs more than I gained while I was pregnant. So now I like to make this fact known to Irving by constantly saying “Would you want to live every minute of your life carrying this 19 pound baby around all day in your belly?” And then of course, I realize that I would do it again in a heartbeat. Except she’s more fun on the outside. Less heartburn too.


LENGTH: 27.5 Inches
CLOTHING: 12 Months 
TEETH: Six (4 Top, 2 Bottom)


Adele ‘talks’ from the moment she wakes up to the moment she falls asleep. It’s all still mostly babble, but we do hear distinguished words now too. Her vocabulary is starting to grow and we’re blown away every time we hear a new word. Right now, she can say: Uh Oh, Banana (Banana), Milk, Mama, Dada, Tickle Tickle, Down, Da (yes), Thank You, Moo, Dog

I just wrote about her food this week, but here’s a recap.

  • We switched to Organic Whole Milk a week after she turned one. I mixed it half and half with formula the first time, and then after that, just switched her cold turkey. I don’t even think she noticed.
  • She drinks 15-20oz of milk a day. (three to four 5oz cups).
  • You now eat off a plate (although when we’re out, you still eat off the table).
  • You drink sips of water with your meal now.
  • You’re picky with texture lately. If you don’t like how something feels in your mouth, you spit it out. gross.
  • You like using a spoon and like to dip it into yogurt, etc and feed yourself. It’s messy though. I just bought you your own baby forks today too! First attempt? Fail.
  • Favorite Food: Strawberries. You also love bananas, yogurt, cheese, crackers, pasta, steamed carrots, bread, watermelon and ice cream. (You had your first licks of Menchies this week too!)
    This is how most of our meals end:IMG_9548

You have so many fun tricks now! You are truly a little sponge and we’re noticing that every time you wake up from a nap, it’s like you’ve learned something new. Here’s the latest:

  • You finally learned that you can look both left and right instead of moving your body in one direction all the way around to see the other side. (I think this happened a while ago, but I just realized that you figured it out!)
  • When we say “Up”, you reply by saying “Downnnnn”
  • When we sing “Ring Around the Rosie”, you like to chime in at the end: “And we all fall… Downnnnnnn“.
  • You respond to every question with “Yea” or “Da”. Adele, do you love mommy? “Yea”… Do you want to take a bath? “Yea”. (We can’t complain because I’ve heard once a toddler learns how to say “No”, it doesn’t stop. haha)
  • You point to everything now. It’s easier to find out what you want because you point to it. But then you also point to things like cars, trees and um… air, so apparently it’s a very fun new trick for you!
  • You tickle your own belly and say “Tickle Tickle Tickle” as you’re doing it.
  • You know how to give ‘High-Fives’
  • When we ask where your ‘belly’ is, you point to your tummy with enthusiasm.
  • You can climb in and out of chairs
  • You know how to turn an iPhone off….and we don’t even own iPhones!
  • You can climb up stairs (but not down)
  • You clap when you hear music
  • You put your hands up when you want to be picked up
  • You can climb on your ride-on horsey by yourself
  • You can walk while holding our hands or pushing something (not alone yet though)
  • You imitate motions while watching others (sticking out tongue, making faces, etc)
  • You know that the remotes turn on the TV. We rarely watch TV and never have it on when she’s awake, but yet somehow, she still knows that little green button is magic and turns on that big black box.



  • You may not watch TV, but you get your fair share of computer time almost daily as we skype with family! They like to see you eat and play.
  • You are starting to throw mini tantrums when you don’t get your way. You arch your back and scream and lie on the floor. I have to admit, they are quite funny to watch, but I always try to keep a straight face. Doesn’t always work.
  • You LOVE books still. You sit at your book shelf for hours and pull them down one by one and flip through them. You look at the pictures, talk to them and point out the ducks and the doggies. We go to the library often and bring new books home every couple of weeks. (Note: My favorite, favorite author is Sandra Boynton, her books are SO funny and clever. I love them!)
  • You know the hand gestures to “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. You love to do them yourself, and you also love watching other people (ahem — mommy) do them too!
  • You hug things! Anything soft or small, you put up to your cheek and hug it real tight. It’s the sweetest thing I have ever seen. If we say “Love the Teddy”, she will pick it up and give it a squeeze.

Oh, this age. I wish I could bottle it up and keep it forever. I can’t get enough of her. Such a smart, beautiful, sweet little girl. I love you so much, Adele. Keep being you.