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Frequent Flier July 21, 2013

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In Adele’s first year, she traveled on 14 different airplanes. Out of those flights, I traveled solo with her for 8 of them! Adele now views airplanes as her own personal jungle gym. Apparently arm rest tumbling is all the rage now.

Let me explain how this works… baby climbs over arm rest (head first of course). Arm rest goes up. Baby climbs back to mom. Arm rest comes back down. Baby climbs over arm rest again. Repeat 176 times. Whatever makes you happy, Adele.

And if you get lucky, you can do this for the rest of the flight:


One Response to “Frequent Flier”

  1. Laurie Says:

    How do you have someone in the window seat for some of the flight and not for others. Tell me how I make my plane neighbor disappear. Hahaha

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