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Un Elephante, Mas Mas Grande August 6, 2013

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Last weekend, I took Adele to another class at “Outside the Box“. They have a new ‘messy art’ class where the babies get nice and dirty by the end.  On this day, they started by putting the kids inside a pool filled with packing peanuts and plastic balls. It’s all about sensory play.


My girl was more interested in throwing the peanuts out of the tub than playing with them inside. She likes things neat and clean, always putting the toys back in the boxes instead of taking them out.


Then we jumped to the ‘messy’ part. A bucket full of popcorn covered in tempura paint. Let the party begin!

I’m learning that Adele is one of those kids that just does not like to get dirty. The other babies were covered in paint by the end, but Adele didn’t really like it. She doesn’t like when her hands are sticky or when something foreign is touching her skin. The teacher said some kids are wired for it, and some just aren’t. She’s her own person, fine by me, less paint to scrub off after!

We still had so much fun in the class, we came back again the next week for more! I convinced Irving to come too, and he left with his pants covered in paint. Whoops.

We started off with some songs. Most of the songs are in Spanish to stimulate their ears and give them some new sounds. Now, I’m constantly singing “Un Elphante, Mas Mas Grande…..” around the house.  Then we Adele jumped into buckets of rice. Again, she wasn’t a fan of the texture on her skin, she was more interested in throwing the rice… at other kids. Nice.

And then they moved onto playing with glittery foam paint with rice mixed in to give it more texture. Some of the babies were COVERED in paint at the end, Adele had a single fingertip covered, and even that drove her nuts. She got it on her foot on accident at one point and crawled over to sit on mom and dad… so we ended up with more paint on us than she did!

But I think she had a great time! It’s a different kind of play you don’t get to do everyday. Next time I’ll have to bring my good camera… but then again, i’d probably get paint on it if I did!


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  1. Angie Says:

    That sounds so fun! My husband hated getting dirty when he was a baby and still does. My MIL said it made potty training really easy though so there can be positives!

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