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Okee Dokee Brothers at the Getty…Twice! August 8, 2013

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I’ve been listening to the Kids Place Live channel on XM Radio everyday in the car with Adele. Some of those songs are just so funny and clever, I actually really enjoy them. One of my favorite bands is the Okee Dokee Brothers and when I heard they were coming to play at the Getty Center, I put it on my calendar right away.

The Getty is up on a mountain above Los Angeles and I forgot how gorgeous it is up there. Adele loved riding the tram to the top too, she was laughing as she pointed out the window on the way up the hill.

We met up with some friends, spread out some blankets and enjoyed the music in the fresh air.

Can you believe we got photobombed by a one year old? Haha, Claudia! Love her.

We brought a toddler-friendly picnic and there were bites of grapes, cheese, crackers and fruit being shared all around.

We danced and clapped along to the great music and had an absolute blast.


Someone even practiced her dancing skills on her own two feet!


We had so much fun that we actually went back on Sunday for the encore show!!! This time, instead of taking the tram, I pushed Adele in her stroller and walked UP that hill (3/4 mile uphill)!!! Whew!

The show was just as good the second time around. Surrounded by some more great friends (and even more toddler food)! I don’t know who enjoyed it more!
We are SO lucky to have all these great events for kids here in LA.  I may be absolutely exhausted by the time our weekends end, the laundry may still be piled up from Friday, and the sippy cups may still be in the sink waiting to be washed, but it’s so worth it to get out and have some fun together. Make the weekends count, right?
photo 5Yes, those are sleepy eyes… that’s the face of a girl who had way too much fun with her friends, lots of fresh air and music and a full tummy. That’s the face of a girl who will sleep well tonight. =)


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