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2am August 19, 2013

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We’ve had a rough couple of weeks here in the Kelocity house lately. Although I’d like you all to believe that our lives are nothing but LA sunshine, I assure you that life can get a little cloudy here too. Three weekends ago, Adele came down with the typical daycare cold. Then it got passed to me… and turned into Bronchitis. Right when Adele was starting to feel better, Irving caught the cold as well. And this weekend, Adele got version 2.0 of it and was sick all over again!

When you have a house full of sickies, everything just feels harder than it needs to be. It was one of those weeks when the ceiling lightbulb would go out and no one had time to change it. We needed some batteries and none could be found. The propane tank on our grill ran out half way through cooking our dinner. The smoke alarm is going off because you then have to finish cooking that dinner inside on the stove….you get the idea. We are beat.

It’s never fun taking care of a sick baby. All those dripping noses and whiny afternoons. It’s tough. But then there are those parts that make it not so bad. Adele gets more cuddly. She wants hugs, she wants to snuggle, she gets deliriously silly because she’s overtired and we both get the giggles. 

Last night, Adele woke up crying around 2am. I let a few minutes go by before dragging myself out of bed to see what was up. She was standing in the crib, eager to let me pick her up. I snuggled her on my chest for a few minutes and then put her on the couch next to me. She looked at me with the biggest smile on her face…. and she clapped. Enthusiastically. It was pretty special because it’s not every day you get a standing ovation for being a mom.

In that moment there was no place else I’d rather be. My girl needed me. I gave her some milk, we played with pillows for a little bit and I let her stay up a few minutes longer than I might have normally. I watched her in the dark as she played with the window curtains and I was in awe at how big she’s getting.

Whether it’s because she doesn’t feel well, can’t sleep, wants to talk or needs a ride home from a high school college party, I will always be there for her at 2am.


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