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A Morning at the Americana September 21, 2013

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Last week, while Grandma was in town, we did a few fun things together. One day, we had brunch at Foxy’s in Glendale (hands down, best breakfast joint around). Then we headed across the street to the playground at the Americana. It was a pretty walk checking out the fountain and the shops…. but then when we got to the playground…. we noticed it was GONE! Did we imagine it? Didn’t there used to be a playground in the center court of the Americana? Are we crazy? Oh well. Instead, we snapped some pictures and took in the scene.IMG_0532
Adele was watching the dancing fountain in these photos! Wait til she sees the Bellagio in Vegas next month!

One of the best perks about that outdoor mall is that they have a cute kids area for changing/entertaining little ones. I thought it would be a great introduction to chalk!
Adele has a requirement that anything she holds has to come in ‘twos’.  One for each hand, obviously.
I think my sidewalk chalk days are still a little ways off (I’m already excited for Easter when she’ll probably find some chalk in her easter basket!), but she had fun regardless.
This outfit makes her look so grown up!

Since Adele was born, we find ourselves at the Americana often. For a while we were going once or twice a week! It’s fun, new, convenient… and there’s a TARGET (cue the sound of clouds parting and the sound of god chiming through!) And we have a trick for finding the best parking spot in the whole mall…. the key to scoring this prime spot means arriving at the mall before it opens…. which we’ve been known to do on a few occasions. Hey, you can always kill time at Foxy’s across the street! Win, Win!




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  1. hereothere Says:

    There was a playground there!
    Adeles hair is growing in so much from the last pictures I saw! CANNOT wait to see you guys!

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