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M&C: The Wedding October 21, 2013

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My sister, Mikaela married her soul mate last week. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Every detail was accounted for. They both worked so hard to create a day they (and us!) would never forget. There was so much love in the air on October 4th! ❤

The girls had a great time getting ready in the morning. We had some food and some champagne and we just relaxed while we got ready. The bride was very excited and her energy was contagious!

We had awesome hair stylists. I loved my updo! Here’s some closeups!

Sister Laurie!

And my mom… wow. Gorgeous!

It’s so fun getting all dressed up. I loved the dresses!
(PS got to reuse my bridesmaid shoes from my friend Erika’s wedding!)
Mikaela was just stunning. Her dress had a beautiful lace overlay. The most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen.

Irving, my dad and Laurie’s boyfriend were on ‘baby duty’ while the girls got ready. They took good care of the world’s cutest flower girl.

Oh, Hi, Irving!

Soon enough, it was go time! I wasn’t sure if Adele would walk down the aisle or not… but at the last minute, I decided just to carry her. It was a long way to walk  and I didn’t want her to hold up the parade. She did great!

Here comes the Bride!!!! Seems like just yesterday my dad was walking ME down the aisle! You did great, dad!

I think she was very excited to see Chris waiting at the end of the aisle. The two of them just seemed SO happy. They are perfect for each other. They had a nice wine blending ceremony, which was perfect since the venue is a winery.

But my favorite part of the ceremony was when Chris was doing his vows. Mikaela had snuck in an extra line without him knowing that required him to ‘vow to love and protect Gizmo’ (their dog). He was taken off guard and everyone laughed, it was very funny.

Gizmo was actually waiting for them after the ceremony to take some pictures!

The setting was unbelievable. Fall was the perfect time for a vineyard wedding. These belong in a magazine!
The whole gang!
_DSC0151Including a runaway flower girl!

Stealing this from the photographer. It belongs in a magazine!

Got some great family pictures after the ceremony too!

So cute!
Soon it was time to head inside to get our dancing on!



Mikaela was really proud of her wine rack program display because she “didn’t even get the idea from Pinterest!” So… happy pinning folks!

They did all their centerpieces on their own too. Gorgeous!!! That’s a lot of wine to drink to get that many corks! haha

Laurie and I wrote a poem as our ‘toast’ to the new couple. It was pretty epic.  We had fun with it. My favorite part was when Adele yelled “YAYYY” and clapped at the end of it. It was awesome. Everyone laughed.


The first dance!

Cutting of the cake! They had AMAZING cupcakes. And you know me and cupcakes. AWESOME!

Me and my dad…. and ahem… Jim. HAHA

haha let’s try again!

My little girl was SO good during the wedding! She sat at the table with us and chatted along with everyone. She was so happy to be there. We had a blast.

And when in doubt, bring raisins. =)

Then we let the dancing begin!!!

Adele danced until the lights came back on at 10:30p! She literally danced. In a circle, around the circle and inside the circle…. all night long. I couldn’t believe it. She was having the time of her life.

I was laughing because occasionally, we take baby music classes where one teacher sings some mild songs and the kids dance for a half hour or so. By comparison, this party was loud, the lights were flashing, the beats were pumping, people were jumping… i can’t even imagine how much her brain was overstimulated and she was loving it! Eventually we changed her into her jammies but that didn’t cramp her style one bit! She was still jamming with the best of them!

And just for fun, I love this picture of my grandparents. I think everyone had an absolute blast. It was an incredible night.

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs!!! We love you both so much!! And now the real fun begins!!! Happy wedding, happy marriage!!!! xoxoxo

Hopefully the photographer doesn’t mind I posted a few of these. They were too gorgeous not to! I had to!


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    Awe, I love this! I’m so glad you got to wear those shoes again! You looked beautiful, and so did your sister (and everyone!). They did a great job!

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