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Christmas On Our Turf January 23, 2014

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We had a wonderful Christmas on the East Coast, but we were also excited for Santa to visit our California home a couple of weeks later as well! We had a great ‘Christmas’ morning, complete with coffee in hand, pajamas and presents!

Adele’s stocking had bracelets, play dough, a crazy straw, and a princess cell phone and keychain. She loved it!

We had fun taking turns opening presents and enjoying each other’s company. I didn’t care if it took us all day to open those presents, we had so much fun!

Adele even got an “Elf on the Shelf” for next year! So excited to play that game next year!

Our beautiful Christmas Morning mess!

So what did Adele find under the tree this year?
Here’s a summary!
XmasGifts1.) VTech Flashlight
2.) Ikea Trainset
3.) Elf on a Shelf
4.) Mrs. Potatohead
5.) Vinci Tablet
6.) Legos
7.) Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer (!!)
8.) Books
9.) The World Cup soccer ball
10.) Foam Bath Letters – Not Pictured

What a fun day!


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  1. Love this! Did you & Irving draw slips of paper for specific gifts this year? I love hearing about that tradition you guys have! XO!

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