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Weekend Getaway: Monterey Playground January 26, 2014

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On our last day in Monterey, we kept it simple and headed to a playground so Adele could burn off some steam before being in the car for five hours. After some googling, we settled on the Dennis the Menace Playground. It did not disappoint.
It was built decades ago so it didn’t fall into the traditional parks you see nowadays. They just don’t make em’ like they used to. Check out this slide! (hey, adults can play too!)

And look at this one! It was a ‘roller’ slide. 


Our plan to tucker Adele out worked. She was fried after a couple of hours of climbing, sliding and running.

She slept for 3 of the 5 hours on the way back to LA. I spent the rest of the ride in the back seat with her reading, singing and playing. (And maybe some Elmo watching as well… shhh! I’ll never be one of THOSE parents. haha)

Here’s a video of Adele in the backseat (note: it’s dark, just listen!) All she wanted was to watch Elmo and mom singing was NOT going to cut it this time. ha.


3 Responses to “Weekend Getaway: Monterey Playground”

  1. Mama Gaga Says:

    This playground looks incredible. I wanna play there!! Look at your little monkey checking out that ladder. I bet it won’t be long and she’ll be saying “I want to do it myself!” 🙂

  2. Janie Says:

    Next time we meet you in Monterey we will show you the house where the creator of Dennis the Menace lived and wrote(it was on the market a few years ago)! And we can show you the house of the family that the movie ‘Yours, Mine and Ours’ was based on…

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