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Random Friday Musings… January 31, 2014

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1.) My Gmail/Google account was at 98% capacity last week… I started deleting emails, attachments and duplicate photos like crazy until I somehow got down to 54%! It was sorta exhilarating to clear out over six gigs of unnecessary digital junk! (Side note: I was deleting things so fast that Google suspended my account for an hour thinking it was fraudulent activity. ha!)

2.) On a similar note, Irving and I are on a mission to unsubscribe to some of the enewsletters we get in our inbox each morning. Two of them were Babies R Us and The Bump. I can’t believe there is really nothing we need at Babies R Us anymore?!

3.) I forgot to tell you about my Downton Abbey viewing party I had a few weeks ago for the Season Premiere! It was fun! A bunch of us girls got together, dined on mini tea sandwiches and mourned the loss of Matthew (whyyy, Matthew???) It was a blast! (By the way, how awesome is this season?!)

4.) I’m so excited it’s almost Olympic time again!!!! I LOOOOOVE the Olympics! Have you read about #TeamPaul? You should. It’s awesome. His story reminds me of what I think the Olympics should be about. No big corporate sponsorships, no endorsement deals. Just watching the human body and spirit try to accomplish great things. Good for him!



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  1. I SO wish I could’ve been there for your Downton Abbey party! I’m loving this season too. So far I like how they’re progressing Lady Mary’s storyline post-Matthew. But poor Anna! It’s all so addicting.

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