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Adele: 22 Months April 26, 2014

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22 Months. 2 Months shy of 2! We’re all having a blast at this age. She’s funny, playful, serious and smart. She makes us laugh all the time, we’re starting to see a little girl emerge out of a little baby and I’m stuck wondering when it all happened! IMG_4905 She loves to play now. Like really play. IMG_4828
IMG_4815 FOOD I wouldn’t say Adele is a picky eater… she just doesn’t like to eat, period. A few bites at each meal and she’s done. We keep offering and switching it up, but sometimes she just isn’t having it. Nothing new in terms of food this month. Same likes/dislikes. Same aversions to textures. And she still doesn’t love to chew her food. She’d live off of applesauce and yogurt if we’d let her! IMG_4777 But we have learned she LOVES spicy food. Hot sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce… and ketchup. Always ketchup. IMG_4808
IMG_4798 SLEEP Still a rockstar in this department. 7:30p-7:30a (sometimes later) most days. (We had a week where she was waking up at 6:30a but then it went back to normal again. Naps for 1-2 hours/day….or not at all. Daycare told us she sometimes skips a nap altogether, and when she does sleep, she’s always the last one to go down. ha. IMG_4847Still sleeps with puppy, blankie, a pillow and a million animals. Last weekend, I put her down for what I thought was going to be an afternoon nap… but an hour later, I snuck in and saw this…. not sleeping after all! IMG_4785 Apparently the “books Adele shouldn’t play with” shouldn’t be on the top shelf anymore! IMG_4792 THE STATS Weight = 24 Pounds Height = Unknown, but definitely grew taller a bit this month. Diapers = Between a size 3 and 4…. Shoes = 4 Clothes = Tops 18-24 Months now… Bottoms 18 Months IMG_4834 For the first time ever, she’s started to show an interest in what she’s wearing. This one cracked me up the most though. She wanted to wear her feetie fleece pajamas over her clothes… she she walked around with one foot in and one foot out for a while. haha IMG_4835
IMG_4846 She’s starting to show her independent side more and more, but is still proving to be a pretty mellow kid. She has her moments, but they are always short lived and easily distractible. Here’s to hoping this is a trend that continues all the way to three! IMG_4900
IMG_4903 And now for my favorite photo of month 22: IMG_20140329_172543 My two loves. xoxo


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  1. rsmundy528 Says:

    sweet adele! our babies had a play date with our moms while you were in China. I thought that would make you happy! you are doing a great job as a mom.

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