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Adele at 23.5 Months May 25, 2014

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I missed the 23 month post… and I’m in denial that 24 months means TWO YEARS OLD… so I’m compromising by giving you her 23.5 month update. In a nutshell, she is constantly amazing us with her language, comprehension, preferences and personality. She continues to be a pretty easy-going kid and we are very excited for what the future will bring for her.
She talks and talks and talks. We can understand about 75% of what she is saying. And if we don’t, she’ll repeat it over and over until we do. It’s so cute. Most of what she talks about is the “Snowman” and “Princess” in Frozen. She saw the movie twice and is now obsessed with it. She wants to look at snowmen, color snowman and sing about snowman. She’s been known to ask complete strangers if they “Want to build a snowman?” with her. HAHA I can’t believe the Disney bug starts so young.

She’s also into The Little Mermaid and will sit through the whole movie on the couch now. We obviously don’t let her do this often, but on the weekends when we need to cook dinner or get something done, Disney the Babysitter comes to the rescue…{Add this to the list of things I never thought I’d do. “I’ll never be that mom.” Famous last words!} At least she’s an engaged viewer though… she narrates everything that’s happening “Oh no! The snowman fell down!” “There goes the Princess!” “The man is sleeping!” “Oh, there’s a bird there! Hi Bird!”


But she does still have other interests including puzzles, books, dollies, stuffed animals, tea parties, playing ‘doctor’, and LEGOS! She LOVES legos! It’s been fun to see her imagination start to grow. She loves putting real diapers on her dollies and teddy bears (sorry, Teddy).




Her hair has finally grown long enough for little baby french braids! How cute is this!IMG_3114

But we did take her for her first haircut last weekend! They actually called it a ‘dusting’ since they just evened it out a bit. But now she looks like she’s twelve. ha!
I prefer the pigtails to the bangs. I always wonder what she’ll look like when she’s older.


In other big news this month, she started Preschool last week! She’s just going a few hours at a time now and she’ll start full-time the day after her birthday. It was bittersweet on her last day of daycare because it’s really her second family there! She will definitely miss all of her friends. But we’re excited for her to experience new things at Preschool!IMG_3129


Weight = 24 Pounds
Diapers = Size 4
Shirts = 24 Months / 2T
Pants = 18 Months

Still going strong with the 7:30p-7:30a routine…. but the past few weeks she’s slept til 8a or 8:30a! (One day even 9a!) Still blessed with a wonderful sleeper. She did have a couple of days where she got up early, but I think that was more due to a little separation anxiety after we were gone for two weeks. Who can blame her. But things have gotten back to normal since then.

Sometimes she skips naps, sometimes she sleeps for 1-2 hours. It all depends how busy she is in the morning, really.

Still sleeps with blankie and puppy! This picture was taken on her last day of daycare!


We are loving the ‘smile for the camera’ action we get now. Adorable.IMG_3173

Oh, and look what she made me for Mother’s Day! Aweeeeeee! She’s the best!IMG_3179


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  1. olsontwins Says:

    Crap I don’t think I can edit, wanted to add that the french braid is adorable!!! Did she really sit there and let you do that?? She must be so calm… I can’t even dry the boys hair bc they’re off running the second I let go.

    • Kelocity Says:

      hahaha the daycare ladies did the braid, I’m not that brave. I think they had her in a high chair to do it. lol

      On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 10:51 AM, wrote:


  2. olsontwins Says:

    9am… I’m dying. Ahhh, mine are up at 5am everyday recently. Emmett woke up at 450am a few days ago!!

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