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Top of the Sears, I mean Willis, Tower! August 17, 2011

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Sunday morning, we had plans to go to the top of the Sears Willis Tower. Even though I’d been to Chicago twice before, I’d never been up there! IMG_7186

Laurie explained that the Willis is known as the King, and this crown building is the Queen! They kind of do look like they’d be in love, I suppose.

We thought we had VIP tickets, but apparently there was still a long line. Oops!

I had a flight to catch in a few hours, so we convinced the employees to take us up the back freight elevators to bypass the movie and the crowds. Not sure how, but it worked! Up to the top we go!


My mom is afraid of heights, but she did really well! Good job, mom!

Looking down at the “Queen”! My, she’s short!








They also have these glass boxes that jut out of the building that you can stand in. SO cool!

And no, my mom did NOT go on this. LOL




Why do both of my sisters pose so well for the camera and then when it’s my turn I do this?! No seriously, Why?!


I guess that’s my ta-da pose or something.

How amazing is this picture?! So neat! Sisters in the city!

Shortly after this, we had a fun leisurely lunch just chatting about anything and everything. It was so nice and relaxing. Then it was time for me to go. Sad, I know. There were definitely tears on the “L” platform, but we were all so happy to have a fun weekend together!


It’s a shame that such a nice weekend would end with such a horrible airline experience. Stay tuned for that trainwreck of a story!


What did I miss in Chicago? Have you been there? I’m making a list for next time!
I’ve been to Navy Pier already. Anything else? I love that town!


Happy Birthday, Mikaela! June 15, 2011

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When I moved across the country almost seven years ago, I thought about how much I’d miss my friends, my town, my traditions and my family, but never really occurred to me just how much I’d miss my sisters. They were still in school when I left and I always felt “so much older” than them (there’s 3 years between me and Mikaela and 5 years between me and Laurie).
Kelley Baby Pictures  (6)

Now that we’re all in our twenties, I miss them more and more. I wish I knew them better and had more inside jokes. I wish I could ask them for advice and bud into their lives and offer them mine. It’s definitely easier with cell phones, skype and facebook, but it’s not perfect. And with 3,000 miles between us, it never will be. All we can do is try our best to stay in touch (something my mom reminds me of c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y with her “did you call your sisters this week” texts).

Today is Mikaela’s 25th birthday!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

When I talked to her last night, she said “25 is soooo old!” Instead of brushing it off, I said, “That’s because we ARE old!” I’m a nice sister, promise!

In honor of her birthday, let’s share some facts, shall we?

FACT: Mikaela insisted on wearing dresses everywhere we went. Even outside to play in the sandbox. She’d ride bikes in her dress, and play in the woods in skirts. That girl loved ruffled socks and pretty bows.

FACT: Back in the day, when getting chicken pox was cool (“when I was your age, kids used to get Chicken Pox!”) we both had them at the same time. Better to put your parents through it as few times as possible I guess.
Kelley Baby Pictures  (107)

FACT: While all her friends were obsessed with cabbage patch kids and barbies, all Mikaela wanted was “a boy doll”. I think she named him Bruce when she finally got one. [UPDATE: The “boy doll” was named BRIAN. It’s been confirmed!]

FACT: She was OBSESSED with dogs. She begged my parents for a puppy for years until they caved and brought home Nikki for her birthday one year!
nikki 014

Now, she’s a proud mama to Gizmo!

FACT: She rocked the bowl cut for the first seven years of her life. Heck yea she did! Mikaela, send me a good bowl cut pic so I can show everyone!! Come on, it’ll be fun!

Hope you have the BEST birthday ever!

PS. how cute is this picture of her and Laurie from this week?! LOVE!


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