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Thanksgiving in the Mid-West December 11, 2011

I know, I know, Thanksgiving was weeks ago. But we had a fantastic trip to Indiana and Illinois so I had to share some of our photos. On Thanksgiving Day, we flew from LA to Indianapolis where Irving’s sister picked us up and brought us to their gorgeous new house. We arrived just an hour before dinner was served (good timing, right?!) We all got straight to work preparing the remaining side dishes. It was so fun to chat, cook and catch up since we don’t get to see them often!

They went all out with the most amazing, unique dishes. My favorite was the corn bread stuffing (amazing)! Per usual, there was not enough room on our plates for everything. They even had homemade pies with matching homemade whipped cream on top. I die.

We dined in their new formal dining room that was so welcoming, homey and filled with family. It was the perfect setting for a Thanksgiving celebration.

We spent the night cleaning up, hanging out and relaxing all together. And there was LOTS of playing with the kitties involved too. This little one slept with us each night all cuddled up close. It was adorable. We miss her!

The next day, forget Black Friday,  we spent our time sightseeing around Indianapolis instead. We stopped at the Lily Estate, which is an Americana mansion built in the 1920s. We visited the Newport Mansions over the summer and were excited to see some more.

There were a lot of similarities, but the Lily estate seemed more like a home rather than an entertaining venue, which was nice.

Then we hopped over to the Indianapolis Museum of Art right next door.

We were so impressed by the exhibits they had inside. It was mostly contemporary art, but some really cool stuff. Lots of interactive displays and art that utilized unique mediums. Afterwards, we stopped to enjoy some beer, hot cocoa (for me!) and some hot pretzels in the museum café. And then we were just in time to see a gorgeous sunset off the balcony.


As we walked back to the car, we stopped to look at some outdoor displays as well. This one was meant to represent a basketball court and the motion of the ball when it bounces. So creative!

We ended the night at a craft beer bar. Everyone else had a flight of their signature brews while we played a bunch of games at the table.
IMG_0878 IMG_0879

I might be getting my days mixed up now, but I think we then stopped at a fro-yo place right after this too. We had excellent hosts while we were there!

Saturday morning, we woke up to do a tour of the downtown area. Starting with a stop at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (home of the Indy 500).

We didn’t stop in the museum, but it’s definitely a place I’d like to visit next time!


From there, we parked the car and took a long walk along the canals. So pretty! I bet it’s really hopping in the summer time too.

We ended our day at the Soldiers and Sailors monument, which was decked out for the holidays.


We could have taken the elevator up to the top…. but instead, being the bunch of athletes that we are, we hoofed it to the top!

Great views of the city, and good exercise too. So fun.

For the last part of our trip, we drove a couple of hours to Chicago to see my sister.

It was fun to have everyone together! We played games all afternoon. Loved it!

We did explore downtown Chicago for an afternoon, but it was cooold!

Baby’s first trip to the bean. =)

Thanks EJ and Sarah for the wonderful time in Indy!

And to Laurie and Jim for entertaining us too!


Top of the Sears, I mean Willis, Tower! August 17, 2011

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Sunday morning, we had plans to go to the top of the Sears Willis Tower. Even though I’d been to Chicago twice before, I’d never been up there! IMG_7186

Laurie explained that the Willis is known as the King, and this crown building is the Queen! They kind of do look like they’d be in love, I suppose.

We thought we had VIP tickets, but apparently there was still a long line. Oops!

I had a flight to catch in a few hours, so we convinced the employees to take us up the back freight elevators to bypass the movie and the crowds. Not sure how, but it worked! Up to the top we go!


My mom is afraid of heights, but she did really well! Good job, mom!

Looking down at the “Queen”! My, she’s short!








They also have these glass boxes that jut out of the building that you can stand in. SO cool!

And no, my mom did NOT go on this. LOL




Why do both of my sisters pose so well for the camera and then when it’s my turn I do this?! No seriously, Why?!


I guess that’s my ta-da pose or something.

How amazing is this picture?! So neat! Sisters in the city!

Shortly after this, we had a fun leisurely lunch just chatting about anything and everything. It was so nice and relaxing. Then it was time for me to go. Sad, I know. There were definitely tears on the “L” platform, but we were all so happy to have a fun weekend together!


It’s a shame that such a nice weekend would end with such a horrible airline experience. Stay tuned for that trainwreck of a story!


What did I miss in Chicago? Have you been there? I’m making a list for next time!
I’ve been to Navy Pier already. Anything else? I love that town!


From Surpris-er to Surpris-ee!

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So I was in Chicago to see my mom and my sisters, but Laurie didn’t know I was coming, so she was completely surprised to see me standing there in her living room at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday. We walked around the city all day, and when we came back to her place, we were exhausted. But then there was a knock on the door and we both thought it was the pizza man who we had ordered from.

Imagine my surprise (and Laurie’s) when my oldest friend, Linsay, walked in! We have been friends for 25 years! She was the first friend I ever had and we are still close today!! She was in town to see a college friend and when she found out I was going to Chi-town, she coordinated with my mom to surprise me! aweeee!!!! Now I’m the one who was surprised!

She’s one of those friends that I don’t get to see very often, but when we’re together it’s as if we’d never been separated. We had so much to catch up on since her wedding in February!

Laurie then announced “Is there anyone else I should be expecting this weekend?” hee hee. We took the whole gang to Ed DeBrevic’s for dinner. It’s kind of like Dick’s Last Resort, a restaurant where they make fun of you while you eat and make rude comments. It was very funny.



They also did hilarious dances around the restaurant and the staff wears ridiculous outfits.

And somebody told them it was my birthday that weekend and they brought me over their signature “World’s Smallest Sundae” which was just as it seems! One bite of ice cream with whip cream and hot fudge in a tiny shot glass!

Awe, I can’t imagine a better birthday! So fun!


After, we hung out with everyone back at Laurie’s place and my mom surprised me with a homemade cake. (Don’t ask me when she had time to do that!) I was totally surprised and it was SO delicious!

Laurie’s roommate is seriously a saint for letting all of us crash at their place all weekend! Thanks, Girl!

And yes, Laurie totally paid money for that poster behind them. Sometimes, I can’t believe we are related.

More to come from Chicago! Good times ahead!

PS…. The Winner of the Vanilla Frosting Chips is Amanda! She shares my love of Vanilla!!! I will get your chips to you soon!! Congrats!


A Windy City Adventure August 16, 2011

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I was in Chicago for exactly 34 hours and it was amazing how much we fit in! It was a fabulous weekend filled with some of my favorite ladies in one of my favorite cities. I already can’t wait to go back.

Friday night, I left LAX at midnight or so. The terminal was a mess! Lots of construction going on, but they had funny signs to make up for it. Thankfully my Spirit Airlines flight was ok on the way there (the flight on the way back however was horrendous, but we’ll save that for another post).


I asked for an exit row and surprisingly I got one! I kind of felt bad since I’m only 5’1”, but I greatly appreciated the extra leg room since it was a red eye. It was only a 3.5 hour flight though, so I only got about two solid hours of sleep.

Soon enough, it was morning and I was in Chicago! I made my way via the “L” to my sister, Laurie’s apartment. It was supposed to be raining, but it actually turned out to be a gorgeous day!

I got a little lost walking to her place, so my mom walked over to rescue me!

Laurie had no idea I was there (my surprise worked!) With a few texts and phone calls, we were able to completely catch her off guard!

Surprise!!!!!!! She was so confused when she walked in. Her look was priceless.

But I think she was excited and happy! Hi Laurie!

She’s currently in grad school at Rush University and she was really happy to show off her awesome campus!

I got to her place by 7:30am and from there we just kept going and going! We hopped back on the L and headed into the city.

I missed my sisters! I hadn’t seen both of them together since Christmas!

I love cities that are walkable and have public transportation. I kind of like the grit of city life.

Of course, first stop was Dunkin Donuts!! I was moving on 2 hours of sleep, remember! But I opted for my usual iced tea. Delicious!


We had fun finding fun photoshoot locations. Strike a pose!

Uh…. I just don’t understand why agents in Milan aren’t calling me (Or Laurie) back! haha just kiddin.


I LOVED this elevator! It was in The Wit Hotel (which looked amazing by the way!)

Hi mom! She was happy to have her girls together, I’m sure!

The views from the top were pretty great! We could see Millennium Park and the Bean (our next destination).



Tourists in the city!




The Bean! It was rather dirty on the day we were there, but still pretty awesome.

Hey Chicas!




Me and mom! So fun!

I brought Reese too!! She LOVES to travel!


Laurie brought Newton too! I think they really missed each other!

Below the Bean!


I love public artwork like this. It really classes up a city, it’s so neat! I really need to do more touring in Los Angeles because I’m sure there are lots of great displays here too!



The original plan was to do yoga in the park, but we were too late for it. And it was already super hot by then anyways. Looked like fun though! Does anyone know if LA has free workout classes in parks anywhere? I should do some research.

Mom thought it was cool that Lalapalooza was here just the week before!



More public art. This one was a video monitor above a giant fountain.


We didn’t have time to go inside, but we walked past the Art Institute of Chicago.
PS, how amazing is this picture? **pats self on back**


BAHAHA. Laurie, did you see this? I could never live there because I LIVE on ketchup.

We got a little lost, but we eventually found the Buckingham Fountain. So cool! Looked like something from Europe!

I love the skyline in the background!

Know what it was famous for? Skyline looked a little different then didn’t it? ha!



It was SO HOT! We were just dying out there. We needed some refreshment. stat.


The perfect liquid lunch. I always get the Peanut Butter Moo’d and I add blueberries. YUM!

And then the walk continued back down Michigan.


Oh the canals just stop my heart. Who wouldn’t want to live here?! Amazing!

Mikaela’s one request was to see the Marilyn Monroe statue next to the Chicago Tribune building. It wasn’t too hard to find.



I heard it was quite controversial since tourists can walk right under her…. ahem… dress!
IMG_7110 IMG_7109

Apparently it is quite popular for bachelor parties and wedding pictures. LOL Shame, shame!IMG_7113

She was nearly as tall as the buildings! I thought it was pretty funny and I texted Irving a picture. tee hee hee!


The Chicago Tribune building is pretty neat too because of the art on the outside walls.

Scattered throughout were stones from other buildings around the world. I had fun counting the ones from places I’d seen in real life.
Click to enlarge!

Day 1

Old meets the new!



By now, we had already been walking for almost five hours. My sisters wanted to shop in the huge Forever 21 there, but my mom and I sat down in the front and chit-chatted for a half hour and looked at the gorgeous chandeliers.

We made it to the Sears Willis Tower and then we saw the Armageddon-looking clouds rolling through the city. It looked like it was straight out of a movie! Yikes!

Luckily we scored a ride home and just narrowly escaped the rain! It was 2pm and I was ready for a nap. Stay tuned for part 2!


Surprise Trip to Chicago! August 13, 2011

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Right now as this post goes live, I am in Chicago! My little sister is in grad school there so my mom and other sister flew out to visit her! I didn’t want to be left out of the fun, so I booked a flight too! But she doesn’t know I am coming!!! I love surprises!!! I can’t wait! The plan is to meet up during Yoga in Millennium Park; so I hope to just plop down next to her and say “SURPRISE!” I’ll try to get a picture of her reaction. I am so excited!

I’ve been to Chicago twice before, and I just adore the city. It’s a girls only weekend, so Irving isn’t coming this time. I’ll miss him, but I think he’s looking forward to a weekend sans wife.

I’m flying Spirit Air and I’ve had bad luck with them in the past. I’m reallyreallyreally hoping everything goes smoothly. But get this… they charge for CARRY ON bags now! If you want to put a bag in the overhead bin,  it’s $45 if you fail to pay in advance!!!  What the what? Any bags that fit under the seat are free though. Suffice it to say that I am packing light! I fit everything I need (clothes, wallet, camera, etc) inside Irving’s camera bag.


I ran two miles after work today and it felt amazing. I’m definitely out of shape and really stiff, but I was proud to just get out there again. I heard Coldplay’s Fix You on my ipod and I totally pretended like I was in a music video. Like that song was my own personal ballad. I imagined that I was a strong athlete overcoming some crazy obstacle and when the beat picked up, I sprinted a little like I was in a movie or something. Tell me I’m not alone here. ha! That’s such a great song though.

More from the Windy City soon!!


Do you ever feel like you’re in a music video? Sometimes I do when I’m driving and I pretend I’m in the beginning scene from a movie when the opening credits are scrolling through. BAHAHA


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