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My Kelocity Baby: 20 Weeks January 21, 2012

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Half Way There!!!!! Hard to believe that my pregnancy is already half over!!! I’m not sure how that happened. At first I was convinced it was going by so slow and now I can see time starting to pick up. It’s crazy to think that in five short months I’ll have a baby in my arms! We’re both giddy with excitement.


How I’m Feeling: I still feel wonderful, but I am noticing I’m starting to slow down a bit. The jetlag from last week’s cross-country flight took me a few extra days to recover. And carrying two small bags around during the trip left me feeling like I lifted weights at the gym. I notice my belly is starting to feel heavy too. And it’s beginning to get in my way; I actually walked into a wall this week because I forgot how much it’s sticking out now! My pre-pregnancy shirts are now becoming unacceptable, they are just a wee bit too short. I had been mixing my maternity wardrobe with some pieces of regular clothes I already had, but my choices are becoming smaller and smaller. I love the bump though. I love that strangers are beginning to notice and more people are giving me nice comments about it. People keep telling me these are the best weeks of pregnancy, so I’m really trying to enjoy every second and soak it all in.


Weeks along: 20 Weeks

Pounds Gained: 9 lbs Total

8 Weeks IMG_1130b

Pregnancy Woes:

  • Heartburn. It’s getting worse. Why? Why? Luckily Tums is still saving the day (and night).
  • Back and hip aches. I’m starting to get adjusted to the aches and pains, yoga is definitely helping.
  • That it’s already half over! How did that happen?!

Pregnancy Loves:

  • Food Cravings: Red Grapefruit (still). This craving is hanging on strong. I have to go back to Costco to get more this weekend! Mmmm!
  • Baby Kicks! They never get old.
  • The Visible Bump. It’s here!


Items we got for the baby:

Goal for this week:

  • Research a Car Seat and Stroller.

Appointment Summary: I had my OB appointment on Thursday and everything looks great! The heartbeat was right on target and the baby is measuring right where it should be! Yesterday was my big 2nd trimester ultrasound! We were able to see the baby moving around in there! It was pretty amazing to witness and I got a little teary-eyed watching it! Its heart was beating strong and he/she was practicing swallowing which is great for development.

Right now, my little baby weighs 12 ounces!

We are not going to find out the sex of the baby until he/she is born so we were happy that nothing was revealed to us. I kind of feel bad calling the baby “it” all the time, but I’m sure he/she will forgive me someday. =)

Fun fact: I was reading my mom’s little journal that she kept when she was pregnant with me and she referred to be as “the little guy”. HA!


Highlights of the Week:

  • Going back home and seeing my family and some friends.
  • Seeing the baby at our Ultrasound appointment
  • Learning that our 2nd Trimester tests came back negative

Check out this 4D picture we got this week too! The baby has its cute little hand up next to its cheek!! Aweee!!!


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