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Flying to Florida March 10, 2013

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My grandparents live in Florida in the winter, so last week, my parents flew down from Massachusetts, my sister flew down from Chicago and Adele and I flew down from Los Angeles! It was such a great opportunity to spend some time with family without having to brave the cold weather (and snow!) in New England.

I was a little scared to fly alone with Adele, but as usual, she did great! The key is being organized and having a bag full of tricks for the plane.

I brought a few books, a couple of toys and lots of snacks and that’s all she needed! She had the most fun playing with the seat belts, looking at other passengers and crawling back and forth.

And I had a surprise for her (which she LOVED). I took a ribbon and tied an old key, a plastic card a necklace and some rubber bracelets to it. That kept her busy for over an hour. Mom for the win! I was pretty proud of my self for that one.

Since my flight was LAX to Ft. Lauderdale, it was half empty and filled with older retired people heading out for cruises. Major score for a mom traveling solo with a cute baby. People kept coming by and sitting down to talk and play with Adele (and tell me out their grandkids, etc etc).


I even got her to take a 1.5 hour nap in the carrier while I watched HGTV. The perfect flight if i don’t say so myself.

Once we landed, everyone (even the skeptical business man in the row next to us) complimented her on her great airplane behavior (she never made a peep!) That’s my girl. My little traveler.

Instead of making the 2-hour drive from Ft. Lauderdale to Ft. Myers at night, I opted to get a hotel room for the night and start the drive fresh in the morning. I got my rental car and found my hotel with no problems.


Adele, of course, was loving the big hotel bed… but I was able to talk my way into getting a free pack-n-play for her for the night.

Travel Tip: Always pack your own crib sheets!IMG_0272

She slept great through the night and when we woke up, we had a quick breakfast and headed out across Alligator Alley. Adele slept in the car and before long, we arrived! There were some very excited great-grandparents waiting to kiss Adele!


Out of all the fun places to go in Florida…. we decided to check out the local library (I’m obsessed lately!) They had an awesome Children’s Room with lots of books and puzzles. And I found my favorite one for her to play with! YAY!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing around the house and hanging out here:

What a life, right? Grammie, Grandpa and Aunty Laurie arrived that night too! More pictures to come!


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